San Angelo Texas FGC

I am looking for any players in San Angelo or surrounding areas. I have locals held @ Retro gaming and collectibles. I am looking to grow our scene here. I have met some folks over in Abilene and Midland/Odessa. The current games we play are Tekken 7, SFV, Ultra SF 4 and Smash 4. I stream our sessions every Friday from 5pm-7pm central time. I look forward in playing with some of you soon.

Our Friday casual session. If your in the San Angelo area we play every Friday from 5pm-7pm.

Our next monthly tournament is March 10th, 2018. Located @ Retro Gaming and Collectibles on Washington Ave.

Tekken 7
Smash bros 4
Dragon Ball Fighter Z

San Angelo FGC we play every Sunday. Check out our FB page @ SanAngeloFGC

Here are some website to link for West Texas FGC

San Angelo (Active)

Midland/Odessa (Active)

Abilene (Currently inactive)

Amarillo (West Texas FGC) Very Active

Permian Basin DBZ, Smash Bros and Fortnite tournament