Samurai Shodown V Special is p4p the coolest fighter ever made

No debate. I don’t mean greatest fighting game (tho it is the greatest weapons-based fighter imo), by coolest I mean strictly badass. Everything about it, from the evolved SS2 swordplay, to the MK levels of violence with beautiful dark artwork, to the amazing battle system that throws in meditation to balance out the rage just screams awesome. Most under-appreciated, overlooked fighting game ever.

There’s a thread by Black Shroud somewhere that covers the Samurai Shodown franchise. It’s somewhere.

I love SS V SP too. Make my top 10 fighters, probably in my Top 5 actually. I love it so much that I donated to get it on GGPO (we still need Real Bout 2 and Kizuna Encounter on there and 3S needs to be officially added back on I might add) and it’s an easy enough game to pick up. I just dislike the lack of Tech Throws, it really fucks the game up. Still a great fighter though. Very underrated.