Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny

Is there anyone interested in getting it when it comes out? For some reason it got cancelled in the US.

And for good reason.

Well it’s just been confirmed that it’s coming to the US this Spring and they’re calling it, “Samurai Shodown Sen”. That makes a lot of sense, right. The Japanese version is called, “Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny”. I figured it would have been the other way around, lol.

Anywhere, here’s the iPlayWinner post with more info on it:

I’ve never really gotten into any of the Samurai Shodown games. After seeing gameplay on this, it doesn’t look too amazing but I’ll definitely purchase this new one just for the fun of it. I give every fighting game a chance before I can really say anything about it. I doubt anyone else that I know would purchase it or even play it with me though, lol.

I wish the game looked a little smoother but I’ll probably try it out eventually seeing that I dont have a Xbox

Well that’s a surprise. Hope it turns out to be at least decent.

whats the button layout on this game? classic neo-geo 4 button across?

its a 4 button game:

vertical slash, horizontal slash, kick and a grab/parry button

Total let down.

I got this game and wanted to take it back after I got home and played it. I love Samurai Showdown and most fighting games. This doesn’t seem up to par to the old ones.=./

Quit pretending this is an actual Samurai Shodown game.

It’s a re-skinned poor man’s Soul Calibur that wasn’t even made by SNK.

Tell em’ like it is, Shiki.

But seriously, this can’t even be considered a poor man’s Soul Calibur either because unlike any of the SC’s (even the sucky ones) movement in this sucks. This is like T5 vanilla all over again. Maybe even worse.