Samurai Shodown 4 question (infinites)

I usually play ss5sp, but it seems more people on Kaillera play ss4. So I’ve been playing that game a little. What is the consensus on infinites? I mean, you can burst out once a match, so you at least have that. What rules regarding infinites are there on Usually this would be a stupid question to ask, but I’ve heard the Korean community looks down upon stuff like infinites.

I personally have no problem with it, I mean look at xvsf, game is still hella fun (hell even more so) with infinites. And in ss4, they seem to be either really hard or corner/backturned only.

So should I try to conrer infinite with bust genjuro or no?

Np with infs, they are there and you can fuck them up quite easily, because it ain’t as easy as in other games, like SvC Geese for example. There is other BS, which should be banned insted. Genji can’t really keep up with the top tiers in most cases anyway, except you are really good …

Nearly everyone has an inf when raged. Just use the 14 hitter and cancel into ABC at certain points, then add another 14 hitter a super the Issen or whatever. You can also ABC, B, ABC, CD 14 Hitter, Super with Haohmaru for an easy example. There are thousends of inf and huge combos posible, if your life is low and so your Ragexplosion full.

For Genjis inf just do his CD 14 hitter cancel it at the 10 hit for example make a fireball then just go on … It is all even easier with activaed Rage explosion … But better you relay on other combos after a throw. Dash B, c.C, Stomp for example does huge damage after a throw and is easier then all this swift CD timing, it also works anywere on the screen. Or with bust go for the super easy qcf+Slash series after a throw.

You could also train as Kazuki against Gaira his CD inf. Just cancel the 14 hitter at the 12 hit and do another 14 hitter.:rofl:

whatever, keep it up, Samsho for life (even if I don’t like IV that much^^)

Infinites :arazz: …if you don’t screw them up…totally takes the fun out of the game. I mean…why don’t you guys come up with a game which is like…death on first hit. You would save a lot of time. Wait…I have a better idea…people who can infinite should just say to their opponent that they can infinite and if their opponent cant infinite, they can just suicide. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I mean…its not like you waste your money online or something…whats the point.

I wonder why people pick 4 over special myself, since even without the infinities, special smokes 4 for balance/char design mostly/

I think the main reason 4 is played more is ROM avaliability. Overall, I think 2 gets as much play as 4 though.

Those infinites are hard to keep up, I think they are about as hard as Yama’s 97 infinite timing-wise.

Because infinites are fun. Learn Gief’s xvsf inf and tell me that isn’t fun.

Anyway thanks terry_nb for the tips. Yeah that Genjuro inf I just learned, which is kinda why I made this thread. Before I though ss4 infs were all really super hard (like Genjuro’s dash B inf), but the 12 hitter -> light card, repeat is not hard. Though it does take awhile to kill because the only thing that does any damage is the card. I’m getting used to the timing for position change throw -> dash B tho. Haoh’s Gaira-only infinites with back throw -> jump C are hella fun lol.

Astral yeah ROM availability has a lot to do with it I think. On top of that, everyone uses MAME32k .64, which is older than shit, and the ss5sp rom is listed as “Samurai Shodown V (Secret Boss Edition)”, even though it actually is 5 Special, not normal 5 with unlocked bosses. Up until like a week ago that’s what I thought it was.

SS4 does have it’s fair share of strengths, most noteably all the combo content compared to 5. There are a lot of cool combos that depend on which side you throw to, or what character you’re playing against, whether you’re in the corner, etc. There’s just a lot of ‘stuff’ compared to 5, which is more or less barebones samsho. SS4 is like the mvc2 of ss series.

No its not! Most ppl start learning that game with combos…they do like full screen wide double throw + super and then when you are down and forgot to roll…some more unblockable bullshit and then infinite and you are dead and turns out they dont even know how to guard push. No strategies…no nothing…they keep dashing and jumping with the first button of the combo hoping it will hit and then after 20 seconds of the first hit…its finished. So playing with them is as much fun as stopping this “something” from hitting you once and praying that he is not going to be able to combo up to infinite or he will fail somewhere. Thats all there is to it because thats where it ends. Seems fun but its not. You get bored soon enough.

You make it sound worse then it is, because you need nearly always a push or pull throw for the infs or huge damage stuff. Also some things just work in the corner need the Rageexplosion in a certain life area etc. The game offers nearly for every char something stupid, so it is in the end quite balanced …

CD true, false and normal cancels the whole AB button thing and skillfull dashing make the game popular still to this day. It is the deepest SS game, not the best balanced or fun IMHO, but deep.

Btw, the game isn’t dead everywere … There is also still a big Korean fan scene, China has also lots of fans and let’s not forget the South American SSIV scene (columbia for example).

Infintes are for people who played the game long enough and don’t want to waste their time in a regular fight. They spice it up with infintes lol. I don’t know how to do them, but I love seeing them in action. It shows that your very skilled in a game.