Samurai Shodown 2 thread

I can’t belive there is not a thread on this game already. This game takes skill to play, and is fun as hell. Back in the day, I used to play this game and get owned in it, becuase I would rush in and try to make something happen. Well, one day a guy said “Look, you MVC2 playing idiot, you think a real pimp swordsman would just run in there and get his head lopped off like a douche? You gotta play like a ““pimp””.”. After that, it made more sense. This game is crazy good,and I want to hear some strats and who people use around here. So far I’m alright with Genjuro, anyone know the tiers for this game as well?

From what I hear Ukyo dominated this game.

I never got really into it myself tho.

Thats what I’ve heard as well, but I thought it was only the computer that had some sort of weird opening in the defense that only he could take advatnge of, and after you learned that, it was a cakewalk? Maybe I heard wrong.

Nice, I haven’t seen a SSII thread for a while. I used to play this game a long time ago and if I am not mistaken, Ukyo is above everyone else:

1)Most of his weak slashes are not only the longest and quickest (along with Charlotte and Ge-An) but they all have short recovery time as well, so he can poke his opponents all day in a safe distance.

2)TG is a godly keepaway game.

3)The after-image attack is one of the fastest of the cast and can counter a bunch of stuff (the recovery time is also excellent so you are pretty much safe after a blocked D/AI).

This move is also part of his main bread & butter:

b&b: Jump AB->B or AB->AI

4)Great arsenal of anti air moves.

Basically, SSII is all about patience and waiting for the opponent to make mistakes, and Ukyo is the man for the job since is damn hard to make a good Ukyo player fall for mistakes.

Ukyo was awesome.

My friend killed my Ukyo with 2 hits thou, hahahaha.

I missed my Ukyo’s dwn AB up close, Genjuro did his stand far AB it LITTERALLY took off 75% of my life AND dizzied me. He did another far stand AB and it killed me. It was funny, cuz that broke my Ukyo 10+ win streak.

I would have thought Nicotine was top tier with his easy ass infinite.

I love this game, too. I still play SS2 often, especially with Hanzo, Jubei and Galford. I like Jubei’s sword catch and great j.B. He has also easy combos and a very good fireball. Hanzo and Galford are damn cool, because of the many SPD traps plus a nice j.AB and c.AB. The teleports can also help a lot sometimes.^^

Btw, another few words about Ukyo. His c.B. is not only fast and has great range, it is also with nearly no recovery time! His j.AB trades a lot with anti air moves and even beats them often. Ukyo’s own anti air moves are superb. He has not only a nice s.AB for this. His different air fireball moves (Swallow Swipes)are great anti airs, too. Ukyo has also one of the best counters in the game. His c.AB has a huge range and does good damage. But you must be careful if it is blocked… If you are a bit skilled in SS2 you learn him and his many, many advantages quickly. I hate to play against good Ukyos, because you nearly never come close to them.-__-

Yeah, Hanzo used to be one of my favorite characters along with Sieger and Charlotte. Don’t forget both Hanzo and Galford can also cut the recovery time from their slashes by using the SPD to cancel. I agree though, Ukyos arsenal of AA’s is pretty large, he can also easily punish the opponents with his air to air attacks (jumping straight AB, TG…etc).

Man, now I feel like playing SSII again…

any cham cham tips?
i think shes LT?
but shes a pimp cat so its ok!

CHAM! CHAM! :slight_smile:

It’s all about wan fu and seiger

Cham Cham low tier? God no. I think she’s one of the few characters that actually has a legit shot against Ukyo where the match isn’t 9-1 in his favor (I think Jubei probably has the next best shot).

Her whole game revolves around that Jumping Scratch move of hers and slides on the ground. Jumping Scratch is an ambiguous cross up, so a simple 50/50 is just mixing up between the two. Even better, the C version has basically no recovery done at max distance. A blocked “normal” C Jumping Scratch can allow you to “just defend parry” afterwards, or even slide afterwards to hit their retailiation attempt. A blocked cross up C Jumping Scratch leads to an almost free throw. Plus Jumping Scratch is really really good at meeting people air-to-air. The only thing you have to be afraid of is having it miss completely or having the CD version blocked. You never want to have either happen, which is why you always have to set them up, like cr.D xx Jumping Scratch or doing it as a meaty wake up. Just doing it out in the open is suicide, because they can easily backstep back to make you miss.

Boomerangs are iffy, but useable. Only use the B version horizontally; A version doesn’t go far enough, AB version goes too far and is too slow. B version goes nearly full screen but has noticeable of start up. Still good though because most projectiles are even slower on thier start up (Hoah’s Hurricanes, Charlotte’s Triangles, Kyoshiro’s fans, Nic’s cards, etc.). You have to guess correctly to Boomerang through the fast ones (Jubei’s ground one and Gen-An’s Puffs). As for the vertical ones, you really should only do it as anticipation AA, never as a reaction AA. Good to take those Ukyo SS whores out of the sky, Kamikaze AB Charlottes, or bird happy Naks.

Monkey moves, only the Rising Explosion fireball is good. Do it on their wake up to drain massive blocked health, or do it from 3/4 screen or further to protect against jump ins (or random Ukyo Shadow Slices in).

And lastly Slide (crouching CD). Slide slide a lot. It’s extremely fast, huge priority, knocks down, and if blocked gives frame advantage or some shit because you can never be countered after its blocked. Cham should never jump (actually, unless your name is Jubei or Charlotte, no one should really be jumping in this game). Slides provide quick ground mobility for Cham and sets up for tons of stuff like more ambiguous Jumping Scratches.

Cham Cham is good. Excluding Ukyo because he’s in his own tier, I think Cham can hang with the second tier set very well. Oh, and Nicotine’s like bottom tier (I put him even blow Nak). That “infinite” is a joke. One, you can mash out of it, Two, if you do mash out of it, you recover BEFORE Nicotine does, pretty much giving you a free AB slash everytime he attempts his “infinite.” At least Nak has some bird tricks and a high/low game.

I remember hearing that Kyoshiro thought Ukyo evenly.

still, I do base overpoweredness of characters on the Ukyo scale.

For Example: KOF 2003 Duolon 0.9 Ukyo

like lust said, cham cham is one of the only characters that can go toe to toe with ukyo. Against other characters all she needs to do is the jumping scratch move, nothing else. That move alone makes her good.

Can’t Hanzo and Galford do dashing SPDs vs waking up opponents over and over since the game has no reversals?

thanks for the tips guys! however the slide isnt 100% safe & her head stop gets stopped by alot of things. anyway to combo her weak sp? seems good for AA only.

Nicotine bottem?

definently not, down B, down AB againest certain types of jumps
jumping b and his jumping ab, definently make nicotine not a character to be written off shit even his projectiles are good write him off at your peril.

Nicotine’s cr.AB is definitely not the end all be all of AAs in the game. For one, it only works at specific angles, namely completely 45 degree jumpins. People jumping in straight on his head or jumping at deep angles will hit him for free and lead to a death combo. Second, there are just some moves that will kill it for free: Charlotte jumping AB, ninja’s jumping AB, etc. Lastly, not many people will be jumping against anyone anyway. And like you said, it’s only against “specific” jump ins, it’s no multipurpose AA like Jubei jumping B, Charlotte st.AB, or Ukyo st.AB.

cr.B is good on the ground, probably his best ground poke, but it’s not going to win him his games. People like Ukyo, Charlotte, Gen-An, and Earthquake have longer range ground moves than Nic cr.B; so it’s not viable agaisnt them when it can’t even reach him.

His shit projectiles are precisely why I think he’s bottom tier. That’s basically his whole game: throw a projectile, hope for a jump in, antiair. The bird projectile is pretty much useless, as the dog is faster, less startup/recovery (though it’s still very bad), and can’t be ducked. So take away the dog projectile, which many many characters can handle just fine, and you’ve basically taken away Nicotine’s game.

Cham Cham’s slide is safe when blocked. She can be hit out of it while she’s doing it, but if you get them to block it, you recover before they get out of blockstun.

No not really, because for example s.A or c.A slashes have a good chance to stop that. Some chars have even better options, like Haohmaru with his A version Uppercut. I tryed it a few times and it seems to work often.^^

Got that right!
Mine Wan Fu kicks azz!

I actually grabbed my cousin’s Haohmaru out of the Kougetsuzan with the dashing grab while he was waking up. It was funny cause the crescent slash was on the screen. I really don’t see how a standing A could beat the grab seeing as how it’s pretty much instant while I’m sure weak slashes take a few frames to come out…I really need those two volumes of “All about Shin Samurai Spirits” by Studio Bent Stuff :sad: