Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins

The most amusing part is that much money in coins probably wont be able to be deposited into a single bank, not to mention it will still have to be hand counted by someone.

I never put much stock in Samsung.

Then again, I never had much truck with Apple.

But goddamn… is even Apple evil enough to deserve THAT much Nickelback?

oopsie, you just said something super duumb.

And what would that be, pray tell?

Nickelback. How that passed through Mr. Wizard’s filter is beyond me.

The same way that Stalin, Hitler, and Beguiled do.

because that story is fake. lol

Man, this story is so old and so fake that i don’t know how anyone would believe it and why are there people who has not heard it yet…

My interwebs was down for a week?

this is 2 years old…some site reposted the story as their own. gawd damnit.

Lol. Let me put that in my internet file cabinet. Silly me.

but didnt apple sue samsung a while back though on the real?



Fucking duh

Half the outrageous stories that make it to the GD frontpage these days are bullshit.

That has never stopped us from getting our flame on before.

Quit fuckin’ up.

i heard the ghost of steve jobs used the money to buy that radioactive turtle

on a side note, no need to count coins when its easier to weight them

Damn, money is a joke.

Very old. Very fake.

Still. :coffee:

Its easier to put them in those coin rolls, and count those in sets of 25. Apparently bankers always count shit in sets of 25.

For future references.

This story is so old and so fake that…RockB’s mom…fuck I got nothing.