Same move different timings

So Dee Jay is one of my mains and i have no problem doing his super.
Whenever i mess around with chun li i cant do hers worth crap.
Whats the difference in the moves?
I know i could start playing her and learn to it. what im asking is what is different in the timings of the two moves with the same motions?

are there other moves the have the same motions but different timings? i know Hawks spd is a little different than gief but that has to do with active throw frames, not the move not coming out.

There is no difference. Try Dictator’s Super or Boxer’s Super and you’ll get it. BTW this belongs in the Chun Li thread.

Every move has separate timing. Charge moves have different minimum charge times. That’s why it takes forever to get out a knee press and not as long to pull off a psycho crusher. Any special has different leniency on the max separation between inputs before you’re given a normal instead of a special. That’s how boxer can take a noticeable step forward just before his super whereas others can’t.

I think a post I wrote earlier may clarify this concept better:

i did check the chun li thread (and why chun li and not dee jay thread BTW).
if you have nothing helpful to add then dont post. i know the moves are the same, its in the thread title

This is about different timings on moves with the same motions.
i have no problem with boxers super either. feels just like dee jays, comes out no problem. i never play dic so i dont know about his.

so what specifically is different with chun’s timing on her super. i get the feeling that i have to do hers a bit slower…

Honestly, both Chun Li and Dee Jay’s supers are virtually identical in timing. There’s no such thing as doing a move too slowly outside of combos. As long as you’re inputting each motion in separate frames (1/60 sec.), the game will recognize the input. I have no trouble getting either super out every time so I’m pretty sure this is just an input issue on your end.

I concur with the above. I was doing Chun Li’s super long before attempting Dee Jay’s.

But, if you really want to investigate the specifics, you can always go to the SF2 Data page on NKI’s page where he translates T.Akiba’s pages.