Salt - And how im tired of it

Dont understand why adults are turned to children after losing. ESPECIALLY when they are so called “Pros” and have a crapton of tournament experience.


This is kind of creepy.

  • 4:30 or so: You really need to touch another man? That’s arguably highly condescending if he’s not your friend. I too am extremely friendly, but I’m socialized enough to know that their space is their space.
  • Arturo says “whatever” and that’s him tripping? Grow up. Isn’t it entirely possible that the win meant more to you than it did to him? Why would he feel morally obligated to run it back? It seems like he had moved on with his life.
  • The bit about a broken “A” button… so? Why even bring that up? We’re all playing on very fallible equipment. Just nod and move on. Or commiserate. Or if you REALLY feel you need to, point out that your equipment is also fallible. I’ve seen several hundred matches unequivocably decided by equipment assist. It happens. Live with it both ways. “That sucks that your A button was faulty and that you had to work around that. Maybe you’ll catch me next time with my buttons broken. ggs!”

It goes both ways. Act like you’ve won before. Act like you’ve lost before.

Ugh, I just watched the whole thing.

Why don’t YOU just move on instead of making an 11 minute video about this with editing and whatnot.

What is that beat playing at the start? so nice

I understand and actually agree with most of the things you had to say but **all **this video is going to do is cause a massive backlash on your part.

Thats fine. i suppose a pat on the back can be overboard. Thats cool. And i understand your point.
Dont be up there talking shit left and right, and when you lose, have an excuse, thats the issue. Noone talked more shit
in the history of the World than Ali, and when he lost, he was more than gracious. then again, not everyone is Ali, but there is no need
for lieing.

It just annoys me.

You mean the synth heavy one? or the one with the girl singing.

The beat with the girl singing is sick. What is that please?

The only thing I am tired of seeing is the word salt in all it’s forms. Original expression is too hard these days apparently.

So you made this thread because YOU were salty? Got it. :wtf:

Its a track my buddy made. If you want it, just message me on youtube.

Made it because im salty? Derp… No. Good try though. Kinda.

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