Sakura or Ibuki

So I am now starting to play SSF4:AE seriously and I am trying to decide between Sakura and Ibuki. Now, I like Ibuki more as a character than I do Sakura, but what I am asking is what do you think? I know that they play differently. To give some hindsight, I come from playing UMvC3 so hopefully that helps in the advice. Hopefully there isn’t any problems with this post (Aside from my horrible ability to not have thing be on track)

I think you should play the character you want to play most.


^THIS. I like Sakura more though.

Ibuki has that crazy ass vortex

fixed that for you. An ibuki that doesn’t need the vortex blows a vortex user out of the water.

scrub alert, why would you encourage disuse of a character’s most powerful technique

Ibuki… if you can be bothered to really put in the work if not then sakura

I am determined to learn Ibuki. I would say you will have more fun learning Ibuki because there is a great deal to learn. Plus she is more dynamic.
Sakura is good, no doubt, but for me I like the ninja girl bettah!

Neither are very good. You should start out with a character than can teach you the basics, such as Ryu. Ibuki and Sakura are sort of gimmicky

Sakura is a lot more of a basic character… I recommend it

Both are very hard to use. I would not recommend using either for a beginner if you want to be competitive with the first 12 months vs high level comp.

no love for Makoto?

Ibuki is a character that’s heavily based around getting a hard knockdown, then mixing up her opponent over and over against into more hard knockdowns for a win. She’s focused on generating endless mixups after the knockdown.

Sakura is a more footsie based character, with incredibly strong normals and an extremely high damage potential with light tatsu loops. Sakura has pretty good options for mixups with her super ambiguous j.hp crossup, but she isn’t super reliant on them because her damage off of a single good hit is already so high. Her wakeup is pretty poor though.

Both characters require a pretty high degree of execution for some of their more advanced stuff. SJCing Ibuki’s normals into ultra isn’t a piece of cake, and doing Sakura’s xx HP shouken FADC s.hp x whatever isn’t easy either.

I still suggest Dan.