Sakura ganbaru! gets ultra-complete edition (in Japan)

Nakahira Masahiko’s “Sakura ganbaru!” gets a new (and up-to-date) re-release in Japan as part of the Street Fighter franchise’s 30th Anniversary celebration.

Pre-orders are open now at Amazon Japan:

Entitled “Street Fighter ZERO 2: Sakura ganbaru! Shinsouban,” it will be published in Japan on 08/25/2018 for 2808 yen by Fukkan Dot Com. Weighing in at 432 pages, it will collect all previously published “Sakura ganbaru!” stories, plus (for the first time) the final epilogue chapter “Graduation.”


“Sakura ganbaru!” cover illustration collection

All main story chapters (1-12)

And all 4 side stories:

Miss Karin ganbaru!
(Originally appeared as a final bonus chapter in “Sakura ganbaru!” Vol. 1)

(Originally appeared as 2 final bonus chapters in “Street Fighter III -RYU FINAL-” Vols. 1 & 2)

Sakura ganbaru! Special edition
(Originally appeared in Shuueisha’s manga anthology “Ultrajump Megamix” Vol. 1, 01/22/2003)

Sakura ganbaru! Graduation
(Previously available only as a doujinshi by Studio Zero, 12/29/2004)


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Nice! The Sakura Ganbaru! Special Edition is a short Capcom vs. SNK story. Sakura beats up Kyo Kusunagi of King of Fighters fame. Yeah I don’t think Sakura could actually defeat Kyo ROFL but the artwork is really nice.

Karin easily trips up Shingo too in the story. ACCURATE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for the slightly necro-bumpy nature of this post. :wink:

Personal funds were a little thin for me in the 2nd half of 2018, so it was just recently that I finally purchased my copies of the 3 “jumbo-format” re-releases of Nakahira Masahiko’s various Street Fighter manga from Amazon Japan:

Street Fighter ZERO Shinsouban

Street Fighter ZERO 2: Sakura Ganbaru! Shinsouban

Street Fighter RYU FINAL ~Tatakai no saki ni~ Shinsouban

The Shinsouban edition of Street Fighter ZERO collects all 21 chapters of the SFZero manga, plus chapters 1-4 of Nakahira’s first SF-related manga, “Cammy Gaiden,” as a bonus.

The Shinsouban edition of RYU FINAL collects all of the SFIII Ryu Final manga chapters, plus chapters 5-6 of “Cammy Gaiden” as a bonus. It does not, however, include the 7th chapter of Cammy Gaiden, which (AFAIK) was only published in a “film comic” manga entitled “Shounen Sunday Comics Visual Selection: Gekijouyou Animation Street Fighter II”:

The Shinsouban edition of Sakura Ganbaru! collects all the original chapters of that manga, plus 4 bonus Sakura Ganbaru! chapters (referenced in this thread’s first post).

For those who like “unboxing” videos, for the next few weeks you can see a video in my Twitch channel in which I spent just over 2 hours (!) looking at these 3 new editions, the original editions, and ramble on at length about their publication history, and my own experience collecting Nakahira’s SF-related works. :wink: