Sakura from SF

Sorry… this file is waaaaaayyyyyy too big… so I’m having to link it. here’s the link.

man your drawings bore me to fucking tears. as soon as i think that the big eye anime crap is over there’s alway someone new to surprise me. what i can say but be more original and get a new style.

Your linework lacks conviction - try experimenting with varying line weights. Her hair is also a bit muddled. I would suggest defining the values with a harder edge. And the background colors are a bit blah. But all in all, not bad.

And Sweet, with all respect, your own work lacks stylistic flair - it feels like Cannon Fodder production art trying a bit too hard to deviate from standard anime fare. You seem to be design-minded. Expression-wise, art can feel introspectively flat, yet many of us do it as a theraputic activity. Perhaps you feel you can properly turn back the ranks of uninspired artwork with a meaningful slap, yet not all of us are professionals. Work a little harder at developing your own style, if such is all that matters to your narrow mindset.

shit sweet?! Can we be anymore harsh? Its ok man, I like it. Her legs are curvy.:smiley: Looks a lil sad though. Good pic overall though to me.

lol…hahaha… A friend told me I’d get better advice here… thx. I was getting tired of the same “that’s great” comment over and over. did any of you happen to look at any of my other work on the site? I did have my own style until I saw anime a few yrs back… in some ways it ruined me… but recently I’ve started to go back to the style I once had (whether it’s better or not is up to you). I did this particular one ine anime style because it was from an anime series. again thx to all who commented.

Her legs might be a bit too buff for little ol A goove Sakura. The background is a bit distracting, but the greenish aqua color works though. Her hair is kinda fluffy. Overall keep working at it and good job.