Sakura frame trap question

Are chris gs frame traps useful or essential? They look pretty but I dont see many Sakuras using them, and i don’t either wondering if i should try learning them >.>

I’m not sure what frame traps Chris G is famous for but I can list some good ones for you if you want > cl.hp (3f gap)
cr.lp > (2f gap) > (true string)
cr.lp > cr.hp xx tatsu(1f gap)
st.lp > (1f gap)
st.lp > st.lp > st.lp etc.

cr.lp delay cr.hp xx tatsu (gap depends on how long your delay was)

Cancelling the likes of into tatsu is a nice trap as well, my personal favourite is on block into tatsu

I dunno if this falls under the concept of frame trap, maybe tech trap?

But you can do a blockstring, then just raw ex dp to catch your opponent buttons or teching, if you have 3 bars, you can extend this into a combo or if you’re in the corner, you can just U2 afterwards. I find it to be quite effective after lk tatsu, but it’s up to you if you think it’s worth the meter.

Oh yeah i do use stuff like that, thanks for the list though there’s some i don’t use there :slight_smile:

[media=youtube]_-Pelqtov0k[/media] but in this video the things im thinking are the crlp, far hp then crmk

And yeh i like neutral jump lp then lk tatsu, its fun :smiley:

Well, if you just look at the frame data, that’s a 5 frame gap followed by a 7 frame gap. So it’s not so much frame traps as it is pressing buttons. Usefulness depends on matchup, unlike real frame traps, which are always good.

Is this the only thread with frame traps? That’s the main part of my game that I need to develop next