Sakura combo only works on certian people?

I think I accidentally posted a blog about this a while ago… But yeah, the there’s a combo in ssf4 that is taught to you in Trial mode. It’s Sakura’s mid kick, light shunpukyaku, mid kick, light shunpukyaku (then you do whatever you please). But I’ve noticed it doesn’t work on… pretty much everybody. From what I’ve seen so far, it only works on Shoto characters. Can anyone tell me why, or possibly prove me wrong and educate me?

Are you using a jump in when you start the combo? Sometimes when using a jump in, I find myself having to take a step forward before inputting the ground strings. if that’s not how you’re doing it then maybe someone else can help you.

i fail to see why you would want to use that combo in an actual match, you get far more bang for your buck with s.fp xx lk tatsu > cr.fp xx whatever (ex tatsu, hp dp etc.)

In Vanilla IV a lot of Sakura’s shunpu loops were character specific, working especially well on the beefy hitboxes of guys like Abel and not working after the first rep on the characters with smaller hitboxes.

I’d imagine Super is no different in that regard.

Yeah. It depends on characters I believe. Like in SF3:Third Strike, only certain characters can be juggled with a second Light Shoryuken after being hit up with the first one. Some combos may work on different characters, some may not.

yea, here’s a list compiled by eish of what works on who… was accurate for vanilla, so far I don’t think anyone has bothered to update it with the new challengers for super tho.

Yeah some characters you can do another loop (Abel for instance). It’s really a matter of figuring it out for yourself. But the shorter ones usually work for everyone.

Couldn’t you do it to everyone if you did a kara dp? Btw he’s talking about ken.

I can’t believe I checked up on this so late. Thanks to everyone who responded… well, mostly everyone. I find it a bit odd that this kind of move would be character specific, but whatever.

This is the main reason that I wanted to try this move out in actual gameplay. (after They’re hit with a level 3 focus or after they’re stunned). It would freak them the fuck out if i could pull this off