Saint Seiya Vdeo Combo Seventh Sense - Bloodline, Preview

The 2 Ultracombos vid, Saint Seiya - Chapter Sanctuary.

Seventh Sense - Preview

Nice, when you guys are going to release the final version.

Two weeks… :tup:

there were a couple of cool combos, but i expect more in the final version, i have a lot of combos too, even an “infinite”

Is this game any good? It looks kinda fugly to be honest. How does it play?

It sucks.

Good anime, shitty game.

The final vid have some infinit combos, Saint Seiya is a good game. Hum, I like it…

i like the anime, but the game is flawed. the combo breaker is totally broken allowing just one combo in each match (the first one when nobody has meter). i have a lot (i mean it) of combos that are useless because of this feature. the parry system is also a little bit too easy. bottomline: give it a try only if you are familiar with the anime cuz the animations/voices are perfect. if you are a regular gamer dont even bother. this coming from a reg gamer and a SS fan.

Does this game have a US release?

This game just was released in Japan and Europe. Im making this vid for Saint Seiya fans to be sincere, but the vid will be entertaining… :tup:

I don’t think so,although this anime is well known in latin america,I think is barely popular here,the game won’t sell.

I am kinda curious about it though. I remember watching the anime in Spain back in 1990, but it was called “Caballeros del Zodiaco” and not “Saint Seya”. The toys were pretty cool too iirc.

I saw a few episodes of the dub a while back and it seemed pretty fucking stupid though, but I’ll chalk that up to bad localisation. I still can’t understand what possessed them to use of a cover of “I Ran” as the theme song.

Saint seiya is for japan,Caballeros del zodiaco for spain and Latino america,Knights of Zodiac for U.S.A. The rest I don’t know about other countries.

If you are talking about the english dub version,about the song I don’t know, in spanish was different and in japanese is different too.

by the way My friends told me that the english version:sucks,no blood,the characters talk like shit,and they broadcast the anime so late at night.They told me this a while back but I can’t really tell by myself because I haven’t had cable in along time.

Knights of the Zodiac? I don’t really know anyone who loves it. But that’s probably because the dub sucks utterly.

Final version almost done… :tup: