SAII question

hello, I am new to learning makoto and I’m just beginning to learn all the different SAII combos. So far, I am trying to do the SAII mk tsurugi mp hayate hp hayate one, but whenever I finish the tsurugi and land on the ground during games, I seem to always face the other direction and do an oroshi when I try to hayate. Can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

do the tsurugi later ?

You are doing it way too early, methinks. You should float with your opponent for a little while. You can even do it on the way down.

Easiest way is to not super jump cancel the SAII. Just hold up and towards them and as soon as you see makoto leave the ground do the MK tsurugi. Than you don’t have to time your tsurugi at all. Just do it as soon as you leave the ground.

Edit: you have to Sj. cancel it in the corner though I think, but they can’t really fall wierd on you in the corner so it’s still doesn’t require much timing.

Just do the motion for the tsurugi slow and hit the button late. The input will hold for a while. This will also give you more time to make sure she’s facing the right direction.

If you’re deep into the corner when the super is done, you can always sj cancel straight up as well to make sure she’s not under them when the tsurugi finishes.

personally, I think it’s best to superjump cancel and do the tsurugi when makoto starts to fall from the peak of her jump. any earlier and bad things might happen (oroshi, or they fall too close and you mp hayate right past them)

I personally do lp hayate instead of mp. it comes out a little faster so I can wait a little longer and be absolutely sure they’re on the right side. all hayates do the same damage anyways (except ex)

thanks for all the advice. I think I’m starting to get the timing down. now all I have to learn after this is fukiage combos >.>

Your answer.

EDIT: It doesn’t matter if opponent’s in corner IIRC.