SAII juggle help please!

Ok so I know how to do the chicken wing juggle, but I don’t know how to accompany it with the SAII.

Currently I’m trying: s.MPxxCHICKEN MK, s.MPxxCHICKEN MK, s.MP then do I do the SAII, or do I do the SA motion while I’m doing the s.MP?

Do you mean you don’t know the combo or you can’t properly execute it?

If you’re talking about the latter, do the first two juggles using x mk chicken, then buffer the motion for SAII. In order to do this you need to do one QCF motion after the second chicken hit, then bring the stick to neutral (so you don’t get followed by (one hit) and cancel it with one QCF into SAII.

Sorry if that’s hard to understand :confused:

Haha I swear to God a question regarding buffering the super comes up in these Oro boards at least once a month… Jinrai should make a video of it or something :stuck_out_tongue:

They are all different questions with the same answer :confused:

Sergio mistyped, but he meant :
"do the first two juggles using x mk chicken"
just in case you didn’t guess…

oops, fixed that.

Thank you guys for the info…now its time to practice and BEAST. Another question, Is SA3 a more effective super art; meaning does it do more damage compared to the SA2 loop?

Depends on the character, use SAII for characters that can be crossed up in the corner and SAIII for everyone else. That’s my advice but it’s debatable.

Both are clutch supers… it really depends on the player and what you want to do. SA3 is better for guaranteed damage and is arguably effective against the entire cast of SF3 (including a 100% stun combo against Chun Li, Q and Elena), but a full bar of SA2 with unblocakble setups can be a guaranteed win against everybody except Hugo and the twins if executed correctly. Watch some pro matches and see what style you like best. Most Oro players I know (including myself) use SA2 against Dudley (easy to juggle with the chicken combo and can be crossed up in the corner), Necro (hard to escape it and corner cross up), Hugo (impossible to escape it save parrying/blocking and corner cross up), and arguably Makoto and the shotos, whereas the rest of the cast is SA3.