Sagats new Mafia alt

What do you guys think?

I like it, seems to be one of the few decent looking ones out of the upcoming DLC.

Yoga pants Sagat is still my favorite though

not a fan :confused:
but I do think it is better than wig gat.

It does look pretty boss. I still like track pants Sagat though

It’s not bad, better than most.

First time poster.

I’m reserving judgment until I see all the colors

looks decent, pants still best though

The mask color is so sick, I love color 22 as well.

Probably the best of the new alts by far.

I’m diggin 6 - the standard suit look although yeah the mask is awesome.

new costume with color 15 looks awesome imo. Green and brown.

I love number 13 and 16 the most i think… And yeah I also think Gat’s costume is hands down the coolest one in this pack.

Looks pretty Cracker Jack.