Sagat VS Balrog

Okay, so a lot of Sagat’s options are eliminated. What should Sagat do against Balrog the boxer? :badboy:

standing lk

:lol: which options are limited?
balrog can whore s.HP on sagat, but sagat still has imo the best set of normals in the game, him and guile. RC rog could keep pressure on, but he still loses once he gets in, if he can get past s.LK, c.MK, c.HP, s.LP, etc. all rog can do if he randomly gets in is throw or pressure string into rush punch, which sets up a mixup or free combo for sagat.

if you can’t get past rog with sagat just quit the game, it’s really not a hard matchup at all, c/n-rog would probably be your worst threat if they can throw out RC LP rush punch everywhere.

Sagat always win versus Balrog the boxer. s.hp of Sagat of s.hp of Balrog, Sagat wins. With Sagat distance vs Balrog, Sagat win. Pressure string Sagat over Slow puches versus Balrog. Technically you know who won over them.

But if Sagat misses his s.fp, free gigaton/s.fp. Sagat’s is good, but RC dash punches vs Sagat are better. I say the match is about even, because both get fucked up if they make any mistakes.

You had the point there. whenever I fight Balrog with my Sagat I always keep distance and then when there is a chance I always use rushdown Balrog and it never fails.