Sagat reset

On some characters with large hitboxes in the corner, you can TU x Fadc x jumping M.p , then reset with a c.l , or whatever you want basically. Its possible to land on the left or the right side of the character your doing it on after the reset.
Its comfirmed on working on the entire cast except ryu, ken, akuma, dan, sakura, and vega and rose.
To be honest I didnt think this would be that useful until I did it in a match against a very solid Honda player.

Anyway heres the video for a demonstration. Video uploaded by Alioune so credit to him . [media=youtube]PJWYL60IQMs&feature=player_profilepage[/media]

elbow for sagat is too good. Nice video whoever made, its really rare to see that but mostly people would go for ultra.

Sakura Sabre mixups confirmed?


I tested it out, you don’t need to be in the corner for it to work and it works on the entire cast except the shotos ryu, ken, akuma, dan, sakura, and vega and rose. Not bad considering vega, rose and dan are garbage tier

France finally did something good for once.

you guys really think this will be worth the 2 bars considering all the other insanity he can do from using those 2 bars?

does this work if the TU is a ch?

With an ultra? No.

But if you have 4 bars saved second round, why not use two to do this nifty reset rather than waste it all accidentally getting a super out while doing S. LK, tigerknee pressure strings.

Well…without an ultra, it should deal a bit more damage then just doing like, TU alone. After the mixcrossup everything resets and BAM, more damage.

And CH TU, I’d assume not…if you delay it maybe

EDIT: ACTUALLY CH TU will work again shotos characters. Well Ryu at least. Without delaying it and stuff…

doesn’t work in corners. However when you do in the corners, Ryu will switch place and you’ll be in the corner.

It’s actually useful to CH TU xFADCx j.MP, dash and throw

right now I just can’t figure out how to control what side I’ll land at. I end up switching to the corner but I don’t know how to stay in my side :\

javits showed this to me ages ago (i think liston discovered it like in march).

good shit man on posting this stuff, more info the better.

thanks for posting about it like in march :annoy:

actually i probably made a passing comment about it somewhere, i typically do post a lot of stuff i find but everyone goes “wahhah your retarded and no nothing about the game” when i post useful stuff so i stopped caring around april or may

im just saying, its nothing new, but its good to share anyway : )

Edited first post , thanks Marshall for testing it out properly.

see this is pretty much exactly why i stopped posting stuff. why you gettin snippy with me about contributing stuff when i contributed more sagat info than anyone pre-console era? i was grinding shit out in august breaking the character down for people, and this is the kind of thanks i often get.

for what it’s worth it works on the entire cast if the TU is a counterhit, however I don’t feel it functions much as a reset since the opponent has literally plenty of time before sagat can set anything up after the jump MP.

I dunno if I wanna use 2 bars for this but it’s still hot shit.

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It will work once.

Nice but at the cost of two bars I probably won’t use this.

But emblem I love you ;o;