Sagat is an amazing fighter, the best natural fighter in Street Fighter

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I’d be more impressed if people with 2 eyes could put this in the correct forum

How exactly did Sagat lose his eye in the first place?

Like where? The Sagat forum for SFIV or SxT? Fighting Game GD? It’s not in reference to any specific title, or an actual game, rather a fictional character. SFIV GD? He’s in more games than SFIV…

The tone of this write up is much more suited to good old, regular GD.

What fucking shit is this?

My bad, I’ll remove the “fucking”, didn’t mean to be too much of a dick.

GD is for anything non-fighting game related. Fighting game discussion sounds like the best place, if that’s still on here.

That’s for discussion of actual games, we’re talking about a character who is in multiple games, and a rather shitty film, oh and some anime which was kinda alright.

Throwing 200 goddamn tiger shots so that you die

Fucking shit.

i.e. gay sex without the Preptime Buttman.

He lost it to Dan’s dad before killing him.

Gen is the best natural fighter. Just think about it.

He’s old as fuck but not even Akuma could hold him down. No magic fireballs or any shit like that, but Defiance of gravity and his fingers. Bitch please.


He might have the been the best natural fighter then he got uppercutted in his chest. Now he can power that shit up and get a damage boost or whatever the fuck angry scar does.

i guess you could say

he has the eye of the tiger

Go Hibiki, Dan’s father (who was actually a master of the Saikyo Style unlike his son), gouged it out in one match. This caused Sagat to go into a rage and actually kill Go, which is why Dan sought revenge in his father by fighting Sagat, who threw the fight because he knew how dangerous rage found be and how vengeance could cloud Dan’s vision.

Doesnt Sagat use his right knee for Tiger Knee? He totally does.

But yeah, Muai Thai has been proven to be the hardest-hitting martial art… combine that with Sagat having longer reach than anyone else, AND being in better physical shape… he would seriously fuck shit up. He fucking picks up grown men by the head and lifts them 7 feet in the air before crushing their sternum with his knee.


He just wears and eye patch to be cool. He can see through that shit.

Pretty sure it differs depending on what side of the screen he’s on.

But… the article you based this thread on is founding its points on his eyepatch being on the right eye. And then the article proceeds to go in detail about how his Tiger Uppercut is done using his right hand… which, as you would know, would only be the case if he were standing on the left side of the screen. AAAAAAnd I just realized that the entire point about him using the same hand to Tiger Uppercut as the side where his eye is missing, is false. His eyepatch is on the opposite side as the side he uppercuts from. But either way, he attacks with his Tiger Knee from the same side as his Tiger Uppercut. So either way, the article is false in those points.

Man, I never wanted to be the guy to shoot down points from a good article but look what you made me do.

Post Sagat vs Go match art