Sagat guard crushes

what is the best guard crush with sagat? cuz i dont no any:( :frowning: :frowning:

I like to do crossup short, jabx2, cr. short, cr. forward xx RH fireball. Takes out a good portion of guard meter.

Playing Sagat in Ngrove IMO helps with guard crushing. The low short jumb is insane for him. doing low jumb shorts and fierce low FBs are crazy. So IMo to break the opponents meter quick i prefer to have the low jumb equip for sagat.

do st lp x 20
then st fierce into tiger uppercut!

tip to the wise, run in then dash back out…will usually lead to a jump in, and u can just tack on the c.fp’s and cause some severe guard damage…when ur out of poking range, try it, and if it forces a jump in, just wear at the guard lil by lil. seems like a scrubby tatic but its really not.

know how much his jab dp does to guard meter vs. each groove. against P groove, it takes off a huge chunk. also know how much it takes off when you’re raged in K. a lot of players dilly daddle around c.shorts and s.jabs and stuff when you could break them with a s.strong into jab dp right there. when you’re raged, c.short, s.strong, jab dp takes off about half guard meter on average vs. each groove.

another thing you can do to break them is c.short, short tk, jab dp. if you force them to block both hits of the tk, and go immediately into jab dp, it is difficult for them to interrupt you. kind of gutsy in that if you commit to this string, you commit to breaking them. this string takes off a chunk esp. when you’re raged, just know how much it can take off to make sure you break them. shit too many words, you know what i mean.

Thought this might be useful:

All quoted from Buktooth’s extremely useful systems guide.


(Attack Power)/800


Guard Bar Length: 48 units


Guard Bar Length: 48 units


Guard Bar Length: 38 units


Guard Bar Length: 48 units


Guard Bar Length: 48 units


Guard Bar Length: 43 units

Don’t have access to my Dreamcast until later today, once I get it I’ll post up some guard crush values for some of Sagats normals/specials.

Just as Malignant Mouse said though, using,, dp+lp seems to get the job done guard damage wise if they are at 40% in any groove.

Also meaty fierces are pretty good for breaking opponents meter down.

J hk, st fp,jab DP takes off like 60%. It’s hard to get the close st fp to come out though instead of regular, maybe it’s character dependent or it just has to be timed right. Also, anytime the meter is flashing st fp, jab DP will break it, maybe even st jab to dp.

just crouch fierce the mufukka… best guard crush move

seriously tho… you can usually get in 2 crouching fierces in a row (blocked)… that alone probably takes like 40%… maybe run in and get 2 more in or something… guard crush in no time