Sagat Commercial Av request

Hey guys, I’d like a Sagat av in a commercial-like format, advertising Tiger Shot. If you could get him in his A3 dark skinned/blue trunks sprite that’d be great, but any would do.

Here’s a pic of the tiger shot can.

I’d like sagat to be in his winpose were he holds his chin and gives that smirk of his.

I want to get a real funny script on itcoughOCcough. If you guys could do this, I’d really appreciate it.

Once I saw the GD thread I knew an AV would be requested. lol

will every SRK peeps having that avatar too ?? with many kinds of variations ?

I smell a new hype… lol

who knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a pic of art that resembles the sprite, the sagat off to the right.

An old one of mine that seems strangely appropriate.

See Adam Epstein

No you may not use it, it belongs to Colt Steele.


too good