Safe Jump from backthrow(tutorial)

Safe Jump from backthrow

*A= if u jump at (A)th frame ==> safe jump
*A~A+1~…=*A or *A+1 or… ==> safe jump

*18th frames (vs 4 frames startup reversals)
	Dan,Guile,Deejay (ex Jacknife maximum),Guy (ex senpukyaku),Gief (Lariat),
            Dudley(jet upper  ex),Rose(Soul Satellite)

    *18th~19th frames (5 frames startup reversals)
	Fei Long,Seth,gen,Ibuki(Kazegiri ex)

*19th~20th frames (5 frames startup reversals bis)

    *20th frame (4 frames startup reversal)
	Blanka(Ex vertical roll)

    *18th~19th~20th frames(6 frames startup reversals)
	Chun Li(sbk ex)

*18th~19th~20th~21st frames (7 frames startup reversals)
	Honda(ex headbut)

(for timing issue)
Dash forward = 18 frames
cr mp = 18 frames (ok confirmed )
cr lk = 14 frames

Some chars allow you to cross them up and still succeed in safe-jumping,some not…

Safe Jump from sweep

          *1st frame

I’ve been trying this stuff many times but not always seems that I do well at all.

A simple question:

When can I do hooligan combination after a combo that it ends in Spiral Arrow??

I have several vídeos of you, but I can’t guess when you do it :shake:

Thx Boss.

Wow thanks for this! This has helped me to understand how to time safe jump OS’s a ton.

Somebody explain how I put this information into practice please?

Pretty much this is a guide as to how to set up safe jumps/safe strikes vs. reversals.

The timing things listed are there so that you can get the jump or strike to hit on the frame specified so that you can get the safe jump and the OS if you need one.

For example, for Guile, you can do: backthrow, whiff cr. lk, j. hp OS sweep.

If he does any flash kick, Ultra, or Super, you block it.
If he backdashes, then you sweep him.

Stuff like that. Pretty much it helps you to time perfect safe jumps on the exact frame(s) that you should be hitting them on.

i like this, i like this alot :china:

I’m really really basic when it comes to OS. I have waTCHED the 3min fundamentals on Option selects, so I definately know what it is. But the one you described, I don’t see how it could play out (in my head at least). Is there a video explaining how to perform Cammy OS? I would like to start using the more advanced ones in my game instead of just the basic buffer ones.


Also, using this…

backthrow, whiff cr. lk, j hk is a safe jump vs. Rose U2.

How is this possible? Does blanka wake up slower?

also, to safejump guile/guy/deejay/gief you need to whiff cr. lk and delay the jump by 3 frames right?

I love you Alioune! (all homo)

Cammy throw data.jpg

I wonder if this could help. Are there any characters you’d like me to check in addition to those done in terms of variation in wakeup timing post backthrow?

Wow , thanks , where is this from ?It helps alot , could u check for the other chars in the op?

ps:Yes, madoc

Mortals, heed these words.

Checked Chun Li, Deejay, Dan, Gen, Seth, Dudley, Fei Long, Rose, Guile, Guy. All +56 (so same as normal.)

The way I checked this was to record at 60fps with Hauppauge HD PVR, do the throw, and hold up on both joysticks. Then, I determine how many frames between P1 Cammy reaching a specific frame in her jump animation (the crouch prior to launching) and the opponent reaching this frame. Doing this with the backthrow is much much easier, because they get up backwards, so there is a noticeable step in the animation one frame before this.

Avidemux was the program I used. I haven’t tested this method extensively, but from what I’ve seen it matches in with known frame data as well as testing I did myself with a homemade programmable stick. I’m fairly confident of the method.

Nice , sorry i meant from sweep

Hey guys, not sure if this is could be useful for u, but i found out some safejumps against viper, rufus and ibuki



cool, not to take anything from this but its basically what Alioune posted.

following the Aliounes formula Viper, Rufus, Ibuki fall in the 5+ frames startup. allowing crossup lk to be safe.

Good Stuff, Alioune (babe) will update the first post, adding rufus and viper? and which frame to hit for the safe jumps. :shy::blush::lovin:


Not to derail the thread, but DinoPrince is such a homo.

i’m going to sound like a total nub but what is the OS in this video?


i (kind of) get the concept of safe jumping - crlk frames + jumping hk frames will set you up timing wise with their wakeup but are you then hitting cr HP (at least in this video) as the OS? am i completely wrong here?

That’s right.