Sabretooth Videos

I don’t really like sabretooth but I’m interested in seeing sabretooth being used in top level play. Anyone got videos of really good sabretooth players?

PS: Not looking for combovideos, no offence but he has pretty borring looking combos lol.

Videos of resets into the bread and butter combo.

I’m gonna assume that nobody uses sabretooth seriously :/.

i use sabertooth a lot in low tier matches. real fun espcially with doom or tron. his supers are friggin great for DHC’s too/

why would they use the metallica version of that song??? no kudos for them

Agreed. Misfits FTW.

Other than Doom or Tron, are there any good fits for Sabretooth?

low tiers?

spiral and strider make good use of his projectile assist for their trap.

thanos’ bubble sabretooth makes damn good use of.

i like to use any assist that covers the screen or locks the character down. then i go in for the double for cross overs.

what i like about sabretooth’s,, s.hp (1 hit) xx QCF+LP xx DP +PP super is if you DHC before it finishes, the opponents sprite stays tweaking out in the air for a good second so its really fun for DHCs. dhc out to magneto’s MT and thats a shitload of life haha

Thanks for all the suggestions Tech Master. I’ll definitely have to try some of those teams out.

Right now I’ve been working a random ass team of Tooth/Tron/Iceman

how did they do his infinite.
i dont know the first 2 buttons but i know
that you do the HCB and strong punch for the thirs thing.