Sabin vs. Gootecks FT10?!

I’m the one hyping this…

I wanna see Seth vs. Gootecks FT10 to really settle whats what at evo. I got 50 on art on this, who wants to take that bet with me?

I know gootecks doesn’t want to do MM’s however after the showing at this tournament and all the crazy shit talking I’d like to see who can really come in in the clutch!

Hmmm, I think marn vs other people would be better. He pretty much ran the fuck over ECT. Gootecks got marn first time, but this time around I think it might be different.

it is as ross said,

the playing field is being leveled…

Over/under on how long before happytang makes this thread about himself?

This thread will get closed like the last one after about 50 posts and nothing moves forward and people talk words.

what was the shit talking that went on. i read a little something about it, but i havent been on top of it

basically art said gootecks was washed up, put a fork in him, he’s free, rog doesnt scare EC… there was a bunch of stuff. There’s more to it but I don’t feel like I’m in a position to dig deeper. But you get the jist of it.

people gettin way to ahead of themselvs. Nobody shit until top 8 at EVO is decided. That is where the true SF4 crowning will be. Everything else is just practice :wink:


People betta not be sleepin!!!

I’m coming for you with my thizz face :cybot:

Lets get it on

Gootecks screaming at ECT was too good…

Art on the mic saying “The champ is here” was good shit

this should happen

maybe first to 5 instaed of 10?

i was just throwin around the idea last night and the consensus I got from peeps was fuck it post it up.

5,10 whatever. Just wanna see if art get the chance to redeem himself

Wow…old school fighting game champ calling the new guy washed up. That’s like Michael Jackson calling Miley Cyrus washed up. This would be a VERY interesting money match. If Gootecks was even a little bit of a money matcher it’d be on like a lightswitch.

i dont get it though. like, if gootecks doesnt want to do anything for money, then play for man points. i feel hes gonna just drop a podcast like right before evo, and just be like, yo, all those money matches, bring em. somebody gonna talk him into it.

i dont know with this match. EVERYONES SO FUCKING HUNGRY TO BE THE BEST AT SF4 IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW. the hype is overwhelming. lol

Now theres a Micheal Jackson banner to the left good shit Devil Jin.

Honestly I’m down cause I want revenge, gootecks is cool peoples tho and there’s no beef irl besides the sf4 shit talk. He doesn’t like to money match though so I’d wc wants to back him and he accepts then I’d do it.

You guys should bet it on a 50$ quiznos gift cards. Get hungry! MY FIGHT SANDWICHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!