Sabin ft. Gootecks - Hungry (remix)

Listening to one of Gootecks latest podcasts, it struck me that it should be made into a hip-hop song. So I went ahead and did that.

EDIT: due to the warm reception here, I have created an extended, remastered, resampled and overall hype version of the song that hits harder and features more samples:

(you may need to right click and “save as…” or save link as)

Sabin ft. Gootecks - Hungry (final release)

Original Experimental Version.

(beat by tribe called quest)

that was awesome

^ Hell yes, lol. Mad hungry, dog.



lol good shit

Idk if youve like heard the memo but…everybody on east coast is like super hungry so

Yo you guys are hungry
HAHAHA this gets me hungry for Food >.<

great job with this man.

this gets the SK seal of approval?


you did a good thing… :rofl:

sf4 is like a stimulus package <- yes!

Good shit. I now totally want to make one of these out of that Dogface “I Bodied God” clip from I Got Next.

Until eight in the MORNING


East Coast needs this as their theme song at EVO



haha i was listening to the podcast yesterday

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to hide it. I’m not an actual musician. I’ll credit them in the OP.

lol, funny stuff

’ until 8 in the morning ’ should be the title . XD