Sabertooth assists?

Newbie question-

This is the one where he summons Birdie. who shoots the three (3) slow-moving rounds at the opponent.

Is is assist useful? I heard that Saber had an assist that, in conjunction with Spiral at point, would be very useful for locking down. Or is it Saber’s (a) assist? I forget.

I’m starting to use Sabertooth myself these days (he charges like a mofo, which helps out my Silver Samurai or Cable), and so been getting to play against other people’s Sabertooth. The Spiral/Sabertooth (projectile assist) combo I saw today (tourney casual play) didn’t seem that effective… the Spiral/Storm teams I’ve played against seemed way more effective.

You can do ghetto lock-down with TBonne/Sabes projectile too - it’s pretty much the same technique as you’d use with TBonne Sent.

Hey I just started learning MvC2 the other week and I’ve been playing alot of Venom/Juggy/Sabretooth. I think Sabes is a great partner for alot of characters, as Sabes’ alpha assist launches back towards you and gives you some great damage combos such as:

-jp+sabes alpha assist, fp, Sabes assist launches, c.short,c.fierce, SJ, sj.short,sj.forward,sj.roundhouse.
[79 damage]

or Venom
-jp+Sabes assist, mk, sabes hits, fp web throw
[40-50 damage]

Also, Sabes projectile assist gives characters some nice coverage for attacks, especially ones with bad lag like Juggy’s.

this trap would be useful in the days before guard cancel. that shit ruins the trap completly :frowning:

I try to play with “THE TOOTH”, but his standing lk’s are shitty. I don’t like to play him just jumping in with fp or fk because of damn psylocke AA. How does one effectively attack with the tooth? Does anybody know his inf or semi inf in the corner. It has to do with the wolf fang. I saw a vid of it. I only have about a year playing. All the newbies keep playing. AHH… I remember when I started I had people doing guiles semi inf on me. I didn’t know about rolling out I thought this guy was a god to do that to me. 6 months later I got a couple of semi inf , inf, resets and damaging combos. It feels good to kick the guys but who would always beat me. I don’t play with mags yet. So I am still learning. I can’t rom. I got storm, sent, cammy, anarkaris, storm, sonson, or storm, sent , Iceman. storm, cable, sonson. just to name a few.