Does anyone know any good or normal SA3 combos or a place that has videos for it. And does anyone know if you can combo into it like yuns SA3?

i dont think u can combo into it but maybe mp, hp, b+hpxx sei enbu. but i usually just activate it after a, mantish slash combo then jump over and cross up with hk dive kick into mantis slash combos, try anything to get in to the , mantis slashes. throw in a few overheads. anything. be creative, and dont stop attacking. and when playing alex, watch out for a stampede.parry, and punish accordingly.

Well, after getting my ass handed to me by… I think it was Closet Remy, I’ve decided to stick with SA3.

So, as for connecting it. I think the best bet would be to cross up with RH Dive as they rise then {Cr.Short>F.Mantis>J.Mantis}, kinda like the semi-unblockable. Or just a good mixup game of UOH, Cr.Short.

Also, it can be super-jump cancelled from Cl.Forward. Then you can cross them up with different dives (Differently timed Forward dives allows for face or behind landing to throw>mixup, command throw>combo, teleport mixup, or high/low mixup), and I think you can walk up Puch>Teleport, Low attack, or UOH for good mixup.

St. Fierce (damn… just had some huge dejavue) does a lot of damage, so to finish a combo I try to F.Mantis>J.Mantis>Kick Chain>Fierce. Still trying to see if Cr.Forward>Palm Thrust>Walk up Fierce works. Doesn’t seem to. Anyone else know some strong ass finishers?

Still trying to understand the mechanics of landing F.Mantis after Kick Chain. It just wiffs sometimes.

Are you sure it was me? I don’t remember playing but one yang at evo and it was kofiend (or at least that’s what some guy told me). If you played some guy in a tan hawaiian shirt with emo glasses then it’s a safe bet.

To dispell any doubt, there is no way to combo into it. Not even on crouching Hugo beginning stun :expressionless:

Anyways, To get good damage on the finishers (they all do crap compared to their damage outside the combo, but you know what I mean), the seiei enbu meter has to end before connecting the other attacks, but I suppose you already know that. The combo you “can’t go wrong with” would definitely be low forward and slashes, which deals slightly (as in 2 points or so) more than the punch chain. Really, it doesn’t matter much what you decide to finish with unless it’s down to the wire.

It’s possible to land c.forward, palm, fierce on the big characters, but it has to be timed so that the meter ends at the exact moment before the palm hits. Otherwise you’ll be pushed too far back to do anything afterwards. On Alex you can juggle with slashes after the palm.

I’d like to add a reminder to mix it up once in a while, such as substituting a finish with a neutral throw for both stun and damage, or a command grab if you think they’re really frozen or let go of the controls. Experiment with resets, too.

As for the Slashes after the kick chain, it seems to be mostly timing. It can be screwed up either between the slash and the kick chain or vice -versa, and for some strange reason you can avoid being pushed back too far if you do the motion early. Shouldn’t work like that, but that’s how it is. Don’t go for it all the time, though… stick to the easier combos or just do crossups if you’re not sure. A general rule is that if the character is medium-sized or larger and is crouching, the kick chain will work with lenient timing (makoto excluded… the forward whiffs). There are character specifics to it, but it’s difficult for me to list them all.


I remember that in 2nd Impact you could do Command Grab, Sei’ Ei Enbu, s.jab, and then continue the combo. Probably that still works in 3S. Can’t try it out right now though :confused:

Pretty sure. But I was a Denjin Ryu and had an Adidas jacket at SVGL a couple days ago. Mind you… I was not playing up to par. :shake:

Anyway, messing around I did a corner Punch Chain xx SA3>Jab and the jab actually juggled. Of course a teleport could come after that, but I’m wondering if it can be Sj.Cancelled to a dive, or switched up for a strong instead.

Activate>{J.Mantis>J.Mantis} is not really difficult I found. As long as the volume is kinda up, just lob the joystick as half-assedly as you like, but make sure to hit Jab when you hear the 3rd hit of the previous Mantis.

you play 3s at svgl?

Does Sa3, Cr. forward xx f. slash xx jab slash, {cr. short xx f. slash xx jab slash) xn work on a NON crouching character outside the corner? I can’t hit it on standing characters outside. The fierce slash hits late so they’re able to block, or am I just too slow?

Works on Chun.

On PS2 that is.


I’ve been working on yang alot especially the with Seiei-Enbu.

crossover divekick, low mp, sweep (repeat till end of seiei-enbu)

Mid-screen or in corner

hp.slash > lp.slash > (3 times) finished up by low mk > 3x slashes.

in corner (still need to figure how to perfect it)

hp.slash > lp.slash > kick chain(lk>mk>hk) (repeat till end of seiei-enbu) > > slashes

I dont think there is a way to combo into a seiei enbu. For now I use setups to activate it and just mind-game the opponent.

These combo’s are tested on the PS2 & Xbox, since my country doesnt have any arcade halls i dont have any other choice. :rolleyes:

super jump cancel that shit, OMFG overhead!!1

closet- that was charlie wang from ny, except 1 match, i beat him in casuals and tourny

So, because I beat you (easily, I might add), linear logic dictates that I’m better than him too, right? J/K J/K J/K J/K J/K J/K J/K J/K

I tested the c.short slash slash outside the corner on a couple characters and the results are highly varied. It works on the big characters, of course, but a few other characters will let you do s.short instead and continue the combo. It’s pretty crazy to memorize the conditions and I’d prefer to do a knockdown crossup mixup outside the corner for higher damage potential, though the damage isn’t guaranteed at that point. That’s something I always do if the character doesn’t have an easy or damaging wakeup option (eg. urien). I like full combos as much as the next guy, but outside the corner it’s pretty hard to add big damage as you’re not going to have much time (to close range, that is) to go for anything more than a neutral throw or a solitary overhead, MAYBE a command throw if you got them scared enough or you still have a shred of meter left to fool 'em.

i was the asian guy with the camcorder.

hmm…which arcade and which cabinet?
i remember losing 1 yang vs yang to someone in casuals but my heart wasn t in it:sad:

I tested a little bit, and it works on most if not all chars crouching outside the corner. Some chars, like Ryu, if they’re standing it won’t combo. You’ll the hits for the fierce slash, jab slash, cr. short, but the followup fierce slash won’t work. Looks like it’ll be better to just use crossup mixups like closetremy said. unless you can start the combo and make sure the guy is crouching? =/

More on that combo outside the corner–I guess it’s not so bad if you’re good at moving forward and mixing it up with overheads and dive kicks. Can’t go wrong with high damage from multiple resets, but they might be ken or something and mash on dragon punch/super.

kofiend: It was at evo… mester was there and you told me that had I beat him I should have announced my retirement. It was actually really close between us, and I was surprised at how many ways you lead into ex slashes. I learned a few new moves first-hand that day, that’s for sure. Pretty funny how all the fun matches were downstairs with sticks that worked :\

we were “juicing” mester for all his worth, right? i played that group after an alaskan guy took me to smoke chronic, now i remember, i didn t do as well as i wanted at the time:sad:
but you were solid as hell:tup:

hell yeh, those sticks were the shieeet.

btw- near WC/EVO time, PM or aim me and we ll get some games on

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