My S-Ryu is a sick bitch, when I actually get the time to go to bigger tournments, I know I’m going to have to start worrying about new strategys agenst[sp] him. So, If you guys know good ways of getting rid of and S-Ryu, tell me, so I can be prepared.

Throws and sweeps. Most Ryu players like to stand to much, so doing a running sweep, always catches them. And throw becuase most s-groove players dodge too much

Shit, 95% of S-players I’ve seen dodge too much.

Actually that runxxsweep does work kinda well.

I think that dodging should be used like… three times a match tops.

Throws are a great way to charge your meter. If you’re are clever (Like me :rolleyes: ) you can find ways to charge even with ken barrelling down on you. The S groove is really all about the charge capability so if you want to get better with S ryu concentrate on getting sneaky with it.

Not necessarily, I recally Dr.B nearly beating Daigo and he dodges like 1700^10 times in that match.

You’re supposed to dodge a lot. It’s not like a roll where you leave yourself wide open. An S groover shouldn’t get thrown any more than a P or K groover. The ability to dodge and make attacks whiff then punish is very powerful, and that’s the best thing about S groove, not the infinite lvl ones

Im good with my dodges, so thats not going to be the issue

D + Medium kicks beat a lot of shit…from S-groovers.

It is often hard to land a CC on those S-groovers, since they dodge and then punch… Every Hp they connect with Ryu, you get knocked down really bad. THey tend to rush down a lot, so shoryukens (lp) should work against a Ryu. You won’t be a ble to grab that much if they are skilled players. THere S-groovers that just know how to dodge, some just dodge and dodge and get thrown to death…


ya i play S-Ryu


no ok seriously now, um, dont count to much on throwing on dodge, its like throwing on roll, not SO much obvious.

just be careful when a dodge comes, we like to follow up with a big punch. and yes we dodge alot, especialy when you try pokes and we already start dodging, we will follow with another witch comes instantly, then we will punch out right after.

ya we like to rush down also.

and wtf id up with a running sweep?? hell i do a running sweep. its necessarily good against S-Ryu, i mean we have a tendency to dodge alot, like 70% of s groovers dont dodge at the right time. but yes we dodge alot beacause we have to, but some times we dodge too much or at the wrong time, but thats like any other groove when they dont know when to roll or parry.

the thing is dodge doesnt move, so try to rush down when that happens, scince the dodge doenst move towards you, throing is risky cuz you might get a free punch in the face.

well I play a good S-Ryu, and I was looking for good tactics agenst[sp] S-Ryu so I can learn to avoid them.
My dodges or well timed. I never get throw out of a dodge.
If I run to sweep, I buffer to a hadouken most of the time.

ok, S-Ryu VS S-Ryu.

how boring, but not as much as K bison vs K bison.

well i guess its the first guy that gets to red and can run and insted of a sweep do a super huricane.

very in your face move there

OH! i just remmeberd, when you start the game, get an early charge, but dont use it unlesse your red, insteaad use it for counter, dont under estimate that shit man. Charging your bar to “near MAX” is very important and will get you out of a good rush down, scince the bar will fill itself up by blocking, and scince its nearly maxed, you will get a counter. just dont forget about countering, your bar isnt only for supers.

any thing else?

uhhh… jab red fireball, run up to opponent, hop kick or spin kick or cross over(<-- good one here) cant rally dodge that one, scince he gonna have to block smthing, so make a little chip damage or sum shit.

but same groove and same char. battles are so boring, i mean in the end its the most skilled guy, but if your not playing that char. in tha groove, then its just boring for other players

K bison vs K bison = worst match ever = turtle nothing for nothing madness = ugly shit

Shit, I didn’t mean that either. Sorry, maybe I should be more specific.
I play S-Ryu, and basically, what are the main things I have to worry about if I play agenst:
A-Vega (Psycho)
blah blah blah…You know, all the high tier characters.
But I’m not looking for specfics, just general shit.

I was actaully thinking of switcing to s-Ryu.I came up with a nice lvl 3 combo that does more than 75%.Getting it in a match would be hard.ITs not all the time you have a full charged bar and red life with an opponent who has full life.

Combo:Crossover Medium Kick,Standing Fierce,lvl 3 shinshoryuken

Its not that hard to catch someone in but its hard to see its full
dmg because most likely it would be used at the end of a match.

To answer your question on how to beat S-ryu wait for him to crouch after all the sweeps you hit him and cross him up with this combo.

I don’t play S, but I was playing random groove at the arcade and got S. I used Todo, Ryu, Morrigan and I realized that Ryu is pretty good in S. When you’re in flashing bar you can just lock them down like crazy. What I do is repeated s.fierceXXShinku haduken over and over again. The hurricane super chips like mad, and the threat of shinsho when fully charged gives the opponent something extra to worry about. Anyway, it’s all about shinku haduken in S.:slight_smile: