?'s on namco stick

Just a few quick questions…I have an empty Namco PS1 arcade stick case that I would like to use for a custom stick. I know the six main buttons are cake to install, but what can I do about the other 4 buttons(select, start, l2, r2???) I kept the little pcb that comes with it. I was thinking that I could cut the pin connector and hooking it up straight to the PCB that I’m using(Sony ps1 DS ver. a if it’s important) Would that be possible to do??? Also, can you fit a sanwa JFL-TP-8Y stick on there??? Anyone who has answers, please respond…otherwise, I would have to make a box and I’m not looking for to that…=/

yes, that is completely possible and it will work.

I see people fit JLFs in there, but it won’t be at arcade perfect mounting height. Not that tha really makes a difference.

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How do you fix a Namco Stick when it won’t go down

Disassemble the stick and check for loose wires or broken PCB.

That’s as far as I can go

Is there a site that show one how to disassemble a namco stick