S> HD-PVR, Dazzle DVC-100s, HDBoxPro, Powered Splitter

Need to get rid of some stuff for an upcoming move, hopefully these are cheap enough to sell fast since I need the money pretty badly lol

All shipped prices only apply to the US, I’d have to get shipped pricing for anywhere outside of the 49 states

Hauppauge HD-PVR -** $120 Shipped**

Great condition, has some scratches but nothing that would stop it from getting the job done. Comes with USB and power cable, and I’ll even throw in a couple free composite cables so you’re covered if you forgot to get some at monoprice lol

Dazzle DVC-100 -** $18 Shipped each**

Can’t do HD, but these are arguably the best and cheapest way to do video capture if you’re looking for a solution. Comes with the original CD(never used it lol) and possibly the manual if I can find it. I have two of these

HD Box Pro - $35 Shipped

Converts a component signal to VGA, adds a small amount of lag to the picture but its barely noticeable unless you’re playing a fighter on PS3. Very good for its price and the picture you get is great, google it if you’re unsure about it. Comes with VGA cable and power adapter

Powered Splitter, Radioshack brand - $30 Shipped

Good solid splitter used by a lot of streamers nowadays, this makes sure your sound and video levels aren’t getting compromised when you start splitting stuff up a million ways. Comes with power adapter

Bump, lowered prices!


^ lol i know this is super low ball but 70 for pvr?