S> HD-PVR $90, $20 Dazzle!

X360 SC5 Soul Edition TE - SOLD!
X360 SFxT Fightstick Pro - SOLD!
HD Box Pro - SOLD!

Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-100 - $20 Shipped
Composite and S-Video inputs.Can’t do HD, but these are arguably the best way to do video capture if you’re looking for a cheap solution.

Hauppauge HD-PVR - $90 Shipped
Composite, Component, and S-Video inputs. Great condition, has some scratches but nothing that would stop it from getting the job done. Comes with USB and power cable, ridiculous price for what you’re getting. Also willing to trade for a Black Magic Intensity Pro/Shuttle, message for the specifics.


is the sc5 stick madcatz ?

Hauppauge HD-PVR - **$100 Shipped -> can you sent me to Lima/Peru ? power cable 220v ? **

can i get the sfxt stick ?

SC5 stick sold, SFxT stick and HDPVR on hold for payments!

For some reason or another I can’t start a pm but could I have the HD pro box?

HDBox sold, HDPVR and SFxT stick no longer on hold! Buy buy buy!

I’ll take the HDPVR, pm me your Paypal address, comes with box and all the original cables right?

No box, but all cables are includeddddd


All sticks sold! One Dazzle and the HDPVR are left!

Yo Hal, is anything broken or missing from the HD PVR?

The HDPVR doesn’t come with original packaging or original usb cable, but completely works fine and comes with a replacement usb! Dropping it’s price down to 90 shipped, godlike deal people!

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