S-Grooves Best Characters

I’ve been using S-Groove as my back-up for a while now. You know, the Well-K-Groove-Isn’t-Working-So-This-Should-Get-Him Groove.

I really don’t change my lineup as much. For K I use (Terry/Ken) (Rock/Kyo) and (Geese)(2)

In S I normally use Terry Rock Ken(2) if I really feel like it I use Geese instead of Ken.

I personally feel that both Terry and Rock can take advantage of S-Groove. Terry’s dodge->Raising Tackle works well for me. when my life is blinking it gives him a good anti-air, and I can try to combo in a buster wolf->geyser somewhere if it opens up. It lets me control the air when i’m near-death, in hopes that he’ll mess up his ground game and let me get some nice damage in.

I personally feel that Rock benefits from S because (for me) he is a mind-game/Counter character. If Rock wasn’t confusing your opponent enough with massive anti-air and good ground priority, well-placed dodges will send him to the funny farm. I’ve spent a good pecentage of some matches not even attacking, but just command countering, dodging and throwing around. Never doing big damage bit wearing my foes HP and the players mind down until he can’t do anything but give up.

Ken is a little different. For me, Ken never REALLY benefits from S, but it’s not really his worst groove for me. Sometimes you can pull off a dodge->DP but not that often. I like to charge and bait them into doing somehthing stupid because out of the 3, Ken does the most damage for me. I confuse the hell out of them with command rolls, dodge, lp. DPs and a couple well-placed hadokens. The only problem is my only real combos are cross-up -> DP and c.mk->DP/Hado I’m not very good at comboing at all really. I personally like to do the rushing c.mk…you know…run c.mk, run c.mk, lather rinse repeat until he either adapts to the preassure or you own him.

I don’t use Geese in S often because I cant do a RS consistantly, and I feel that I cannot take advantage of the infinite lv.1 super and I havent seen any good dodge tactics with geese. Kyo is similar to Ken in that he’s OK in S but really never benefits much.

Well after all that, It’s apparant that Ken might not be my #1 choice for S-Groove. I really try to avoid the Cammy/Blanka/Sagat thing. I know they’re good, but I just would prefer not to use them.

Who does well in S? Who can take advantage of charge-baiting and dodge mindgames? Infinite lv.1 Supers?


My top 10 S-Groove list goes something like this…in no particular order.


I hate telling people to change their teams, but you should really swap out Ken for Ryu. His LVL 1 supers are really good and he can become a fucking beast in desperation mode. His dodge punch is pretty good as well.

I know you said you don’t want to use Cammy, Blanka or Sagat (much props) but the bottom line is they belong on that list.

Chun makes a great anchor. Her LVL 1 kick super is really good to have especially in desperation mode.

Sakura is a fucking beast in S Groove, but I use her in A, so I can’t really tell you anything about her except she can zone really well. I’m tired…peace.

Yeah I agree with Guard Crush his list is pretty much it…My picks are…


Focus in on these characters to do some real nice damage…Also S Geese,Terry,Rugal,and Yama are solid too…As far as S rock he has many options…you can charge fake into his counters to really fuck with your opponents mind and to mix it up…also his dodge + any punch aka his knockdown move is great in close…his dodge + any kick aka his connect move is really surprising esp. on big characters…S Ken can be real good…use him like K or N Ken and rush it down…use his dodge + kick knock down to punish an open move that you have dodged or as an attack…dont forget to tap charge aka charge fake to fake fools out then to set up something crazy…always keep your meter half way or above for alpha counter purposes…I hope this helps…


I would think for S- you want easy to link supers and characters with alot of options. pretty much like the lists above.

can someone explain why cammy and blanka are on the list? i want to try some S groove tonight with those two but i have no clue on any specifics.

Cammy for free. Shes by FAR the best S Char IMO.

Their basically on the list because they are Cammy and Blanka. I hope that helps.

Thats gotta be the funniest shit I’ve ever read. Sad but true. :slight_smile:

s-cammy has to be one of the hardest to fight against imo, esp. brandon’s cammy. blanka is a beast too :stuck_out_tongue:

S groove anyone that doesn’t lose anything they usually have that’s good, but only gain a good dodge attack/mixups.


I use S-Chun but you have to be really technical and be really careful with her. She’s really good on paper but just paper.

S-Raiden is dope

S-Morrigan is pretty good too.


In no particular order

I dont really think Sagat is necessarily the best character to fit into S Groove, he is just Sagat and you could play him in no groove and have a chance to win.

Topknot: This is a sign…WE NEED TO PUT UP THE EVO S-GROOVE Footage ASAP…!!! Thanks…lol…we got to get 86 to get that to us soon these faithful S-Groovers need to see it at its full potential from some of the Best S users out there.


S Morrigan sucks lol. The only reason why shes good is DI and RC Grab in addition to the fly mixups. With S she doesn’t get access to DI till she’s almost dead, and she has the 2nd lowest stamina in the game. Also she doesn’t have RC Grab. N & K Morrigan >>>> S Morrigan.

what happened to S athena I always thought she was suppose to be really good…

IMO she is, she just takes more work to play then most people want to put into it now.

Dude obviously K and N morrigan are better then S Morrigan, but it’s not like she sucks in S groove.

i seen some really good s morrigans, she can be good, but you gotta play her a little smarter since she doesn’t really have the specials to back her up.