Ryu's gloves where to find?

hey does anybody know where i could find a pair a gloves like ryu’s? that’d be pretty badass

I remember I had gloves kinda like Ryu’s when I took Karate. They were red like his but didn’t have individual finger holes, more of a foam type thing that fit over your hand. I guess they were a crappier version of Ryu’s gloves.

Aside from martial arts suppliers, try sporting goods stores, specifically bowling supplies. Ask for wrist guards.

I remember once on eBay running across an exact pair of Ryu’s gloves with the Capcom logo on them and everything, the only thing was that they were in blue instead of red. Never saw them again.

I have never seen ones that were exactly like Ryu’s, probably because they wouldn’t really do anything in a fight.

Thats because there for sparring mostly I belive.

Ive seen em on a few martial arts stores online, shouldnt be too hard to find really.

They are meant to prevent wrists from bending too far backwards and spraining them. No, they won’t do much in a fight at all.

yea but how should i search i mean if i type ryu’s gloves i get action figure reviews and if i type street fighter gloves i get biker gloves

yea and you are probably right they wouldnt do much in a fight because you cant use the back of your knuckle because of the padding so if you wanted to keep your wrist from bending you’d be better off just wrapping them. Im talking about just having the gloves for the sake of looking cool imean cmon they do look pretty crazy

what’s teh actual name for them anyways, I mean I doubt tehre marketed as bitching Street Fighter gloves.

I was looking for some on eBay a few weeks ago, and bought some which looked like Ryu’s on the eBay store, but when they turned up, they were exactly like DeeJay’s, only red.

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Not exactly what you’re looking for but um…they are red???


This place has lots of styles of gloves too. This is from the “grappling” section of the website:



yo what r u guys talking about, how would u know they wouldnt do good in a fight? dont UFC fighters use the same style glove? and htose guys go crazy on you ass.

yea… its a bit thick round the wrist but ofcourse its juss an artists interpretation to make him look more badass, other than that its basically the same idea.

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Ryu’s gloves dont have individual finger holes, do they? I thought they were just the wristband with a hard plastic square over the back of the hand and a strap over the palm, with nothing on the fingers themselves. Like someone said earlier, they are only for keeping your wrists from bending too far back.

The third strike ones have finger holes, the oldschool ones were just wristguards.

From what I’ve seen, no. Ryu’s gloves have a single thin strap going over the palm. The padding only goes to the knuckles and doesn’t cover them. Which would be pretty useless in regards to protecting your hand. But Ryu is so hardcore that he doesn’t need hand protection, so you’ll likely not find his style of gloves being sold. You could always buy a pair and customize them maybe?

Ryu’s gloves would be pretty easy to make out of vinyl with a bit of padding. Try finding or making Cammy’s gloves, there’s a challenge!

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