Ryu's Bnb combo's

Could someone tell me what they are, i really need to know only the useful combos for competitive purposes, nothing flashy, because i need to start practicing so i can up my game to the next level, any combo that is very useful in a competitive environment would be very useful so please do tell…


You can find all of his combos there. from BnB combos to ultra set ups etc. And each character has its own specific sub-section where you can find match-up threads, combo/strat threads and a general Q&A thread. You should really check that out.

c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, c.hk
c.mp, c.mp, c.hk
c.lk/c.lp, c.lp, shoryuken
c.lk/c.lp, c.hp xx tatsumaki
c.mk xx haduoken

This too

Sweet, now i just need to start practicing heavily and hopefully everything will click, thanks for the info.

Try implanting c.mk>hadoken into your game its one of the best pokes. I would also recommend learning his crossup air tatsu and ofcourse shoryuken>fadc>ultra. Good luck!

Learn to p-link, it helps with Ryu’s combos immensely and will also help you later on with other characters in the game.

Six mains? Seriously?

and yeah, c.mk _ hado is one of those things that you will be using all the time, and in every SF game. SF2, SF3, Alpha series… I don’t know a game where you don’t need to be able to use that all the time. That should be as natural to a Ryu player as hitting the start button.

SRK > FADC is one way to land an ultra

EX hadoken can also lead into an ultra. But from what I’ve seen this is probably best setup with a bnb as a hadoken on its own is dodgeable. do waht pokes and jabs you gotta do, then c.mk -> ex hadoken -> ultra.