Ryu's "3FC"~Goukito and Lil' John chat

Goukito and Lil John discuss Ryus 3 fierce combo.

Goukito: Hey Lil John, how are things going?

Lil John: Okaaaaaay!!

Goukito: Thats good to hear.

Goukito: Hey John. I had a conversation with a fellow online gamer, Obot, the other day. He told me about a short story he wrote. He was commenting on one of the old Street Fighter 2 games in which you could do a lot of damage with Ryus 3 Fierce combos (3FC). I guess Ryu has had 2 of them over the years. One of them, which still holds up today, is: Jump fierce, stand/crouch fierce, fierce fireball. The other, which I think is from an older SF2, is: Jump in fierce, standing close fierce, fierce dragon punch (DP).

Lil John: What!?!

Goukito: Yup. Many people have commented that Ryu cant do this combo in CVS2, but Ken and Akuma can. So I took an hour and explored it myself.

Lil John: Okaaaay!!

Goukito: Going in, I realized that Ryus DP is only one hit compared to Ken and Akumas three hits. They can hit this combo pretty much all day. I initially thought that I should jump in as deep as I could with Ryus air fierce punch, then try to link the stand fierce into fierce DP. After a few tries I noticed that this was wrong. The opponent gets pushed back too far to connect all three hits. After about 5 minutes, I figured it out. I now know what the conditions for pulling off this combo are. Wanna know what I found?

Lil John: What!?!

Goukito: Do you want to know what I found?

LilJohn: What!?!

Goukito: Damn it! I said, do you want to know what I found out?!?!


Goukito: Alright.

Goukito: First off, there are two ways to hit the air fierce punch. High and deep. High is the way to go. You might not notice the difference at first, but you have to look at the opponents reaction to see it.

Goukito: When you hit the opponent deep, the character animation looks as if youve hit them in the stomach almost. It looks like theres an invisible noose around the characters waist and theyre being yanked off stage. Now, when you hit them high, their head reels back. For most characters, it looks like youve indeed punched them in the head. This is what you want.

Goukito: Now Im not an expert on the mechanics of CVS2, but it seems to give Ryu a little more room to land in. So, the subsequent close stand fierce into fierce DP is closer than if you started with a DEEP jumping fierce.

Goukito: And thats the big factor. Well in actuality, its not that big.

Goukito: I tried this on almost all of the characters. And indeed, some of them just wont be hit. But more of them will be hit than what youd expect. In fact, a couple characters were hit that I surely didnt expect. Heres the list:

Note: I started practicing the combo in the corner only. Then I realized that Ryus 3FC (3 Fierce Combo) could be done out in the open!! Doing the combo out in the open requires a little more precision for some of the characters. You want to aim for the top of their head, not the face! You also want to have a good forward momentum.


Character Name (w/ stun) - Corner - Out in Open

Terry-70 yes - yes
Todo-70 yes - yes
Blanka-70 yes - yes
Sagat-70 yes,diff. due to height - yes
Honda-80 yes - yes
Chang-80 yes - yes
Raiden-80 yes - yes
Haohmaru-70 yes - yes
Yamazaki-70 yes - yes
Balrog-70 yes - yes
Iori-60 yes - yes
Guile-70 yes - yes
Bison-70 yes - yes
Zangeif-80(I think) yes - yes

Characters I didnt expect;)

Vega-60 yes - yes
Kyosuke-60 yes - yes
Dhalsim-60 yes - yes


Maki no - Once, but couldnt duplicate
Chun-Li didnt try - didnt try

Everyone else

No to: Geese, all shotos (Capcom and SNK), Kim, Eagle, Kyo, Rugal, all of the girls except Maki (not sure about Chun).:frowning:

Goukito: So there you have it John. But, Ill say one more thing. Then, you can go try it out for yourself. In the corner, in order to insure that you hit the character high, you can do regular or super jumps. Aim for the top of the head instead of the faces and youll get it. Out in the open, youll most likely do a super jump in. Its important to have a forward momentum, aiming for the top of the head. Then when you land, finish up with the other two fierce punches and youll have pulled off Ryus 3FC with 43 points of stun damage. :evil:

Goukito: Got it?

Lil John: What!?!

Goukito: Got it??

Lil John: What!?!

Goukito: Do you understand!?!

Lil John: What!?!

Goukito: Damn man, do you understand what I just told you!!!???!!!:mad:

Lil John: YEEEAAAAAAAUUH!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Goukito: Good. So now, go do it.

Lil John: OKAAAAAAAAAY!!!:lol:

Final note: Sorry for the length. I’m not sure if anyone’s covered this yet, that’s why I wrote it. If this post is redundant to any CVS2 experts, just disregard this thread please. Add something constructive to it, but please don’t flame. Thanks.

It’s good to see someone took the time to test that stuff out for themselves.

The opponent starts getting pushed back as soon as the jumping attack connects. The jumping attack pushes the opponent back a fixed distance. The jumping character moves forward during the entire jump arc, up until the point where they land. Therefore, hitting the jump-in early gives the attacking character some air time to continue moving forward while the opponent is being pushed back. This way, the attacking character lands closer to the opponent than if the jump-in was done deep.

The whole “always go for deep jump-ins” misconception was perpetrated by SF strategy guides where the writers neither really had a good grasp of SF mechanics or SF language. The only time it’s necessary to go for a deep jump-in is if you plan on doing a slow attack when you land, such as Sagat’s low fierce or Joe’s slide.

On the other hand, going for deep jump-ins gives you more leniency to combo once you land, so in tournaments you might wanna play it safe. Ken can do j.HK s.HK xx LP DP, lvl2 kick super in the corner but only if he hits the j.HK early enough. This causes an awkward pause between the jump hit and the standing hit, and there’s kind of a lot of places to fuck up. In combo videos you have to go for the harder sequence, but in real matches, you might wanna make your life a lot easier and go for a medium-deep j.HK s.MP xx LP DP instead.

Finally, if a combo such as Ryu’s j.HP s.HP xx HP DP is only possible with a high jump-in, then it’s also probably technically possible with a deep jump-in because the deep jump-in allows Ryu to walk forward after the j.HP before having to hit the s.HP attack. But of course this is a little tougher to do. And there are a lot of instances where it’s impossible with charge characters.

Speaking of ken, I’ve tried his j.hk, s. hk xx mp dp, lvl 2 shin ryuken cancelled into fierce dp(3 hits). It’s possible, but I can hardly do it in training.
I find a plain old jump in hk, lp dp(in the corner), lvl 3 works best. That one I can land over 90% of the time.

Here’s something for your Ryu, if you notice the jump in is too deep, just replace the dp with hurricane kick.

Walk forward after a deep jump-in, eh? Me needs to play around with that. How many start-up frames does run have? Could it replace the walk forward?

Shin-shoryuken can be substituted!!

^ Yeah, you’re right. Using hurricane kick is much easier. ^

New Finding!!!

Following the strategy I posted the other day, I figured I’d try to link the jump fierce, stand fierce into Level 3 Shin-shoryuken.
After about 3 tries, I pulled it off. I did in on about 5 of the people on the list above (Terry, Dhalsim, Todo, Blanka, and Chang). So I’m pretty sure that it can be pulled off on any of the characters in the “Ryu 3FC” list. I’ll double check to make sure. It doesn’t look like it will hit after the standing fierce, but once you connect the first fierce correctly…peace out!! It’s all about the first high fierce though. 9200+ damage!!! “Take that Sagat!!” Well, if Ryu doesn’t eat an Tiger uppercut first.:slight_smile: Now you guys should definitely try this out. Any new findings? Post 'em.

Nice post Goukito, and funny to.
BTW has any body given thought to short jump into 3FC?