Ryu Vids

I’ve seen a couple Ryu vids and would like to improve my Ryu more. If anyone has some videos to share that would be awesome. Thanks!

youtube has some good ryu vids.

search for namijin, ruu, frankie3s, alex valle ,mopreme etc.

Here is a directory of a bunch of GOOD Ryu videos. Alot is Ruu some is TTM and i think there is a few of Namijin


are any of them on the list Denjin? =)

Any video that says Frankie3s (Ryu) in it

How about any vids that have Shinshays Ryu in it :smile:. I’m going to try to make my ryu known this year.

R3ddrag0nx: Don’t know if you’ll like my style of play as I play Run and Gun but hey it’s something different.


That ken was garbage… But nice Ryu.