Ryu top tier?

All he gained was a fake fireball that he can use in some mix ups everyone gained a few new tricks so how is Ryu top now someone please explain should be balrog

He isn’t top tier but he’s high up, and not everyone’s new additions are good. Chun’s SBK actually got nerfed, for example. At least Ryu didn’t get nerfed.

So who’s top boxer

Heard some say Hondas top now as well

Are you asking who is above Boxer I would say Vega, Zangief and Sagat, for sure. Maybe Ken playing perfect. Honda is probably on Boxer’s level as well. Those are all the best IMO.

Honda is better than he was now, I think. People seem to be divided on just how much jab headbutt helped his game, but I think it helped significantly.

Vega got toned down a lot by having his wall dive not knock down anymore I thought

Now he’s just a good range poke fighter

He didn’t gain anything besides a easier super

I heard eventhumbs tier list was bullshit having gief at bottom what’s the current tier list from the current scene

Vega’s lack of knockdown doesn’t equal being toned down. A gunshot to the face is still a gunshot to the face regardless of the calibur. Plus he can cancel or fake or whatever now instead of being forced to go through.

People argue Gief still sucks and just one EVO win supposedly doesnt change that, yet Chun never won, nor was even an alt for an EVO champ in any SF2 iteration, yet she, even with nerfs, is considered top tier, which is laughable.

I dont think there is an consensus tier for HDR like there is for other games like Melee. Besides, tiers are bs anyway. I never agree with them, theyre a reference guide at best.

Consensus was set long ago, so not really sure where you’re getting your info. Vega is still good, Gief is extremely good (some say best character in HDR), and Chun is still high tier although not nearly as strong as she was in ST.

The consensus is widely disputed from what I can tell talking to people, from Sirlin to scrubs, everyone seems to say something different. Zangief is a main point of contention. Many still think he is bottom while other claim OP.

Creator isn’t a very reliable source of info for critiquing their works, and scrubs aren’t even remotely close to being reliable for tier information. People who don’t know the game, aren’t good at it, and don’t spend time developing their ideas with other players aren’t ever a good source of info.

As far as I can tell, from talking to good HDR players, they all agree that Gief is a very good character, and most definitely in the Top 5.

Good point about the creator, actually.

I too feel Gief is a top character in this game. His grab is too easy to execute with too much damage and repetitive damage. The game moves a bit too quickly and it feels his moves are hard to counter and it feels like he grabs out of nowhere. Not sure if its an online thing or not.

The only way Ken is remotely close to being top tier is if you play him with a high level of strategy, reaction, timing, and execution. The character is basic with few move advantages. In short, the player needs to be top tier.

sirlin ruined t hawk in this took away his throw loop does he not realize how hard it is to even do that and he gave hawk some of his old normals thats not near enough buffs as everyonbe else received hawk should have somehow gotten more buffs im not sure how he could gain new techniques but just make his hit boxes hurt boxes better like make his dp be as good as kens no whiff animation on his throw like honda more block stun on his dive when blocked and knockdown on hit like before funny how arguably the worse character in st received no buffs.

Just because something is hard to do doesn’t excuse it from being cheap. And not everyone got huge buffs. Ryu only got a fake fireball and Chun got nerfs. Your suggestions are insane, making his DP on par with Ken’s would allow him too much room for error; Ken shouldn’t even have Ken’s DP.

yeah i was high when i said make his dp like kens but for them to make hawk have a whiff animation they should at least increase its throw range to giefs if ochio throw doesnt get a animation then hawks shouldnt unless its giefs range level

so it seems most people here think gief is top tier… i think maybe top 4 but i see more boxers dominating or dhalsims sims execution is easier now for even scrubs t use him

im so glad they gave guile his overhead god i wish he had that in st idc for his hk flash kick tbh i find it pretty useless