Ryu ST tutorial

ahh i have a tutorial for ryu up at my site


stop by the forums if any other questions:cool:

Ok, gotta say first that your page looks ghetto…

Nothin’ wrong with that (I like ghetto pages actually!), but your guide ain’t so hot either. Who am I to speak really (I don’t have a ST Ryu guide of my own), but the little things turn it downward.

I sound harsh, but I’m just being critical.

You sound like you have a grasp of how to play, but the way it is worded is confusing. You immediately mention option selecting as a primary tactic. But you don’t define it properly, and then you go on to use it in in terms that defy it’s accepted definition. I think that if a newbie tried to use it along side other sources of SF info in an attempt to learn, it would be confusing.

Basically, I KNOW what you’re trying to talk about… I recognize and understand what you’re trying to say. But because of how you’re trying to explain yourself, I think it could be better composed and that you’re not properly expressing yourself.

:smiley: But who am I to talk…

well its not targeting new pple mostly.I didnt check it or nothing because im going to do all of them then edit and add alot.It was just some quick things someone could pick up for now.And yea my site looks like i made it for the blind… i still need to do alot of work