Ryu online player directory

Alright guys just figured I would make a thread like this so it would be easier for people to find Ryu players they will likely have good connections with ect… So post up those tags.
Time:I am usually on anytime I am not sleeping or doing college stuff so basically whenever you are available I probably am too.

how many threads are we gonna go through with tags? >_>

PSN: American-Daigo

Location: West Coast (I do NOT tolerate yellow bar matches. :slight_smile: )

I play typically play about 16-18 hours at a time almost every day and less if I am busy with college work.

I have a hard time getting enough sleep (bad sleeping habit, or busy, or lazy) so i may not play to my full potential.

I just want to say I HATE ALL OF YOU RYU PLAYERS. Jk…or am I?

I’m pretty terrible at this SSF4(1200PP range) but if anyone wants to play some games my gt is Kodiack22, I need someone to help me level my game up :stuck_out_tongue:
Region: Washington,USA
Time: Any free time I have typically goes to trying to better my ryu play so i can be found online at any time really.

Im kinda at the 1200pp range too. East coast. I 4bar most of the time Gt: YeaILikeDaRice

GFWL: Coffeeling
I suck. Badly.

I would like my