RYU Matchup Thread

Knowledge, tips, and tricks in here

I find this match is not bad since with V-Skill I can get around Ryu’s zoning and turtle a bit.

I find it hard to punish ryu when he is doing his target combo, any tips on how to get around some of the low level BS?

How do I get in close to Ryu without eating a Shoryuken, or just walking up to him? Seems like the dash doesn’t allow me to block in time for anything, and doing a jump in just leads to a Shoryuken. Also, is there anything that Nash has that can beat a Shoryuken in air to air?

Why do you need to get close to ryu? Zone him out!

Has this match up changed for anyone? I’ve been versing Ryu players who are really aggressive and this makes me not what to play the fireball game or lame game so instead it makes me go in and play aggressive.