Ryu Match Ups! Ryu vs Cody

Did not see this Match up listed in the match ups thread.(correct me if I miss it)

My friend plays a really good Cody, and I’ve been having a lot of trouble in the match up.

Just looking for my fellow Ryu players advice when dealing with Cody. thanks :slight_smile:

In my experience, I’ve found that playing far/mid range against cody is best. You’re zoning game is infinitely better than Cody’s, and mid range your C.mk xx Hadouken works really well. You should NEVER jump at a Cody, as he has amazing AA. Also watch out for the EX Zonk Knuckle, as I believe it goes through projectiles. Hope that helps.

from my experience doing c.mk to hado on Cody is too dangerous its not a true block string and Cody can just bingo right through it.

The way I beat Cody is to knock him down and safe jump him/cross up/cross up tatsu, cross up lk. c.mk xx fireball is not recommended as he can zonk through your fireball. Throwing out c.mk and c.mp without cancelling into a fireball is advisable. His focus attack is good also, so its good to buffer that tatsu when throwing out the c.mk and c.mp and if he focus’s, just hit the kick and tatsu through it.

If you are facing a cody who zonks through c.mk xx hado(which he can only do at max distance) then you can c.mk and not hado then when you block the zonk punish with sweep as according to frame data all zonks should be punishable by sweep.I know from experience at least some of them are,it is probably the best punish you can do at a distance for them.

I keep forgetting to goto my phone for that frame data. I used it all the time but recently, I don’t even go to it. I eat alot of damage from a couple of characters and Cody is one of them. Thanks for the tip Zomb.

No problem man

A trick I use on Cody is to empty jump low. Cody likes to use his mp anti are which is not horizontal enough to catch empty jumps. I almost lost a match and Cody had knocked me down, but he let up the pressure because he could play keep away. I starting walking forward as soon as I got up and he was walking backwards. Jumped at that special distance, he whiffed his anti-air on me, and I cr.mk xx EX hado xx FADC>Ultra and won. This works on a lot of people who only learn one anti-air option or characters like Sakura’s that mostly use cr.hp. Cody can use Ruffian Kick (or what every his qcf+k move is, though I’m not sure it’s even qcf) to anti-air also.

A lot of Cody’s also like to use EX Zonk knuckle frame traps. It is easily punished.

If Cody does a block-string into the criminal upper, you can sweep for a free safe-jump. When safe jumping, the only reversal he can use is EX Zonk, which you can punish easily. If he opts to back-dash, you can safe-jump OS dp/tatsu, but if he does EX Zonk, it will hit your tatsu or he will recover in time to punish your dp. Though I have not tried safe-jump OS lp dp yet.

What about the sand throwing thing. I hardly see any Cody’s use it for some reason but when they do it catches me off guard.

Jump over it. You could focus it in AE but I heard they made it a two hit move in 2012, not sure though.

Block and punish with Ultra.

it’s that punishable? o_O

Also bingo can be punished with a link/dp/sweep. It just depends on the range.

Same with CU but also range dependent.

Ex zonk punish: ( lot of stun, have to wait a bit before imputing punish)

meterless: c.hp xx dp
or c.mp, c.mk xx tatsu

meter: c.hp, (mp) dp, fadc, ultra 1

Ex ruffian kick punish:

meterless: c.mp, c.hp xx special
or c.mp, c.mp, c.mk xx tatsu (hk or mk)

meter: c.hp, (lp) dp, fadc, ultra 1

from the limited number of decent codys ive faced ive generally come up with the following:
-dont jump in recklessly, like everybody else has stated the AAs he has and their ridiculousness
-stay at around 3/4 screen distance once he gets an EX, his ex slide can hit from a far distance
-beware of frame traps, i usually dont press anything and wait for him to keep blockstringing until his out of range, tech once he starts throwing
-at around half screen distance you can neutral jump mk to bait out his ruffian kick, if you empty jump the neutral jump it whiffs allowing you to punish
-watch out for the ex slide after blocking a rock throw

Yeah bad spray is VERY unsafe.It is -20 on block,which means you should be able to punish it with nearly anything Ryu has,including solar plexus because the Solar plexus startup is 17 frames.

bad spray can ONLY be done off tech-able knockdowns. as a ryu player, 99% of the time you have techable knockdowns is off DPs. if they do bad spray, just jump in after a DP. you’ll hit them with max damage jumpin combo.

worst case, they wise up and stop doing bad spray.