Ryu frame traps

Hey guys I am trying to learn frame traps against other characters. The problem is i dont think i am successively getting anyone with such a thing because everything is block no matter what patterns i try.

Can anyone list any legit frametraps ryu may have? Really trying my hardest to level up already!

Well, which ones are you trying?

cr.lp, st.hk is good because you can use it as an easy trade OS into EX Tatsu (which is safe even if the OS fails), or sweep (for a hardknockdown), or even Ultra if you’re feeling risky. On hit it will also combo into sweep on a crouching opponent or you can just end it in a DP.

I’m trying to learn as many as possible. Can you list any more?

Do you input Ex Tatsu or Sweep directly after st.hk or you have time to confirm into it in case you see a trade happening ?

I like to use c.lk,c.lp, cmk xx hadoken as a frame trap especially when I have meter. Allow me to Focus cancel my c.mk on hit
that can lead to a hard knockdown or a great combo in corner.

One of the best moment to go for a frame trap I find is after a blocked safe jump, walk a little bit forward and go for a c.lk.

Other frame trap I use is c.lk,c.lp, c.mp and sweep if the c.mp hit.

I think frame trap will work better too if you have a great kara grab. Opponent will be forced to push buttons at a farther
distance. If all your frame traps are getting blocked delay them or do them closer to opponent.

I will let others expand on this.

Ok, remember with frame traps you usually have to set you opponent up for them, because you need to get them pressing buttons for it to work.
for example, lets say i just started a match. I sweep the opponent and go into my safe jump, right after i follow up with a throw (this usually works). so i just threw him. the next time i get a sweep i do the same thing, and throw him again. the third time, i do the safe jump, give a slight walk forward like im going to attempt another throw, but instead i do cr.mp and he was pressing throw tech and he got hit. you have to mix up your frame trap patterns with throws to get good results.
As far as legit frame traps go, i would just be creative but to list a few…

-cr.lk, cr.lp, walk back slightly, cr.mp (like pieton said)
-cr.lp, cr.hp
-cr.lk, into ex.tatsu
-cr.mp into another cr.mp is good too
-after a safe jump, slighty delay, st.hp into fireball

Hope this helped!

You can easily confirm it into sweep because of the quick startup, but doing it as a trade OS is easier. It’s almost impossible to mess up because you get two hard hits + recovery to confirm in case the OS doesn’t materialize (ie. your move wasn’t interrupted). I prefer the sweep OS vs certain chars because of the knockdown oki.

cr. mp > cr. mp ALL DAY