Ryu Combo Question.



I’m trying to perform this strict link combo after setting it up but can’t seem to get the timing down for uoh> st hp.

any tips for the timing or positioning?

where exactly do you see uoh to standing fierce at 1:36? i’m going to assume you mean uoh to low fierce cancelled into ex tatsu.

in which case your problem is its low fierce, not fierce…

timing for the uoh just has to be really good, no tips other than know the animations well.

He does it at 1:20, and it looks like its both a meaty UOH AND Ken is waking up in a crouching state. Could be possible for it to work when they are standing but I dunno.

Yep, it hits meaty, deep, and Ken is crouched and cornered.
You can do like in the vid and add some whiffed LP (or whatever works) to give you some timing hint.

Depends on the character, but for shotos you can land the deep meaty by watching the animation of the falling opponent. As soon as you see the animation twitch into the frames of the opponent waking up you go for UOH. Takes concentration but quite easy to master.