RYAN HART: Official Street Fighter IV Guiness World Record Attempt (Hull, UK)

Thought some of the fellow British Street Fighter IV players at SRK may be interested in the following event:

Guinness World Records Announcement

Facebook Event* (for those interested)*

Extract taken from Guinness website:

Event Poster:



Anyone, at any given time, can lose a round. Which will make this pretty ridiculous if you can do it.
Ryan buddy, good fucking luck!

I’m pretty sure they mean matches. The article on the current record holder says “108 challengers”.

In any case, good luck, man, because I cannot even imagine doing that.

Handle it good sir!

an xbox just for ending the streak damn…

Awesome. Good luck, dude.

I’m guessing you only get one shot at him though

Doesn’t Keno have like a bazillion wins recorded on the machine at A.I.??

Not only that, but Ronstoppable got a 144 win streak during the earlier stages of arcade SF4.
I guess they mean console only…

didnt Justin have 300-0 record or something?

yeah justin went 300-0 at some event for evil controllers…

but they didn’t have a judge there from guiness, so it doesn’t count unfortunately. I think this guy did this with tekken a few months back, and was only like 60 or 70 matches in a row, or some bullshit.

Might go to this since it’s in my home town. hehe

this is pretty dumb because the skill of the variance in opponent skill is a pretty big variable. he also seems to be using that to his advantage by doing this at a GameStop.

Does Ryan think he can beat El Fuerte?

I was there at the event and filmed some of it including an interview with Ryan Hart himself…CHECK IT OUT BOWYA