Russian that shit down!

Here is the russian mafia for my comic. The Italian Mob is the last on the list.

You stole my knock knock joke and even worse, said it all wrong! Nice pic tho. Like the fat dude.

lol, nice avatar, somebody told me about it awhile ago and there you are. Sorry for that, it was pretty clever.

you’re definitely improving. your characters have more form now.

Some suggestions:

  • Consider varying your strokes, with even line weights nothing really stands out. Along the same vein, try playing with a stronger outline for your characters.

  • I like the fat guy best, mainly because he’s not pictured in the semi-slouch that you seem to like drawing your characters in. Try doing more ppl standing upright, in more varied poses.

good job, keep drawing man

thx rook, Yea, I really like that slouchy look for my characters. I guess my sloucheyness wears off on my characters.

EDIT: everybody likes the fat guy.