Rushdown Characters: Who is the best?

the topic started here but kinda of die down a lil…but i thought it was a really good topic so i brought it here :clap:


like in the topic posted above most did argee and probabaly will argee that mag is the king …but how About a top 5 rundown…from anygame 2d or 3d

The Scorpion

Magneto + assist.

Regular Chris is pretty damn evil…

Sent with capcom assist imo

millia rage

Magneto hands down, you don’t get better than that in any game.

Eddie: GGXX#R

Rogue (Marvel)
Jam (GGXX#R)
L. Raptor (Darkstalkers)

Wolverine was designed exclusively by Akiman.

Wolverine wins.

duo lon and wolverine


Sol Badguy.

JAM!!! Woot, also Chipp, and Sol.

Ky Kiske that shit!

chipp (ggxx/#r)
wolvie (mvc)
magnus (mvc2)
millia (ggxx/#r)
kyo (cvs2)

All the charaters in The rumble fish 2.

Anakaris In CFE :clap:
Nah seriously, I think Magneto is the best