rush down help

i have a pretty good close range threat with ibuki and ken. but i have a huge problem on my hands. a friend of mine plays keep away all day with akuma -_- i’ve tried dashing to get close but he just pumps hadokens all day at me. most of the time he gets me right after i dash so i have no time to parry. when i go for an aerial attack all he does is shoryuken on me. the few times i have gotten in close range, he sure paid the price for letting me through. anyway i need help on tips to get around fast with ibuki or ken.

Just stand there, or walk, and I mean walk foward. Standing and walking foward make your character look vulnerable. He will come after you if you do nothing. Chill with the jumping and just sit there and build meter. It works.

Like these guys said, if you’re tired of chasing him, don’t. Run to the far side away from him and start hitting mp if you’re Ken or do whatever as Ibuki. If you’re Ibuki you should not have any trouble against runaway anything. If he jumps, super jump and prepare to parry, get close to him in the air and air throw him, then lay down a wake up game on him. Like this though I know how you feel, some people have some really funky timing, they don’t uppercut sometimes or they do some weird uppercutting. Ranges from as soon as you jump to after you land. Your best bet is if you are bad at parrying is to stay away and just watch him. If he has a pattern you can distinguish or you notice when he likes to air fireball during his jump, use that to your advantage and parry him. Ibuki can slide under the air fireball or super jump over it. Either that or just plain don’t dash at Akuma. Just walk up to him, parry the air fireball, dash forward and punish via throw or low hit > combo.

ya stand there. when he jumps towards you for a air hadou, dash under him and > saIII.

Stay grounded.
Nanitaberu put it best.

And learn to parry fireballs. But a good player knows when you should shift from “parry” to “plow-through”.

Most fireball-whores choke when they get any signs of pressure.
Be it from: Wake-up, Cross-up, or Tie-up.

So if all he’s got is the fireball… chances are he can’t:
-Throw (or tech)
-xx Cancel (properly)

With Akuma it can be tough because he can rush down really well too with the hurricaine kicks, but over all I agree the best thing to do is just stay grounded and capitlize on his mistakes. make him come to you!

You should be able to peg him with ex fireballs as well if you time it right, as he is coming down from an air hadou.

well timed super jump ex hurricaine can work well too if he is just hanging out up there.

I use Ibuki as well and have the same problem but I’m a) new to 3rd strike (and Street Fighter 2…strategy-wise anyway) and b) I’m going against a Urien player. The Urien player is good, knows the strategies (basic and intermediate to advanced) and can play most Street Fighter games well. Any suggestions against a meter building Urien player?

/\ Jump in and parry that elbow shiet that Urien players like to do.

yea, just stay defensive for now on. piss him off by parrying his fireballs. If your Ibuki and he jumps at you, but lands short (about sweeping distance), do a f.MK. Gets my friend alot.

i have found success with ibuki now by just constantly dashing forward. i dont give that akuma a second to breathe. just keep grabbing and doing easy combos with ibuki. however with ken i need to better at jump in combos before using him efficiently against that akuma keep away =/

actually no. ken should not jump in on akuma, he has too many anti air options. instead, hang back, build meter safely, and wait for moves to punish.

here’s what you should be looking for:

obvious jumps or air fireballs – Counter with: jump and instantly EX hurricane

close demon flips: ex upper

ground hurricane kicks: block high and reversal jab upper, or reversal super

watch for punishable ground moves, ie whiffed low forwards or low roundhouses. punish with low forward saiii or reversal super.

remember akuma takes damage like a bitch, force him into making mistakes.

well its insanely predictable when hes gonna anti-air so i can parry easily and punish him for being so predictable. im not the turtling type of fighter so i hate waiting for him to make a mistake.

a good akuma will use fierce upper xx SAI as anti air. while you’re parrying, he recovers and can mix up your parry timing with hurricane/etc…


i used to think that myself. but there are so many anti-air options. the Shotos have tons of them. once your opponent has “programmed” you to think that he likes to do a particular thing everytime you jump in, he’s liable to mix it up. honestly, you’re really much, much safer on the ground.

Akuma can, as paulee said, do fierce shoryuken xx Messatsu Gou Hadou. that in itself can screw even the best players sometimes. if you do manage to start parrying through the super, as was mentioned, you’ll have several more hits coming in at a different rhythm to deal with.

there are other things Akuma can do to screw you over. for instance, if you jump in, Akuma can do a s. strong. s. strong? so what? that’s just 1 hit :lol:. yeah. that’s what he wants you to think. at this point, Akuma can either cancel that s. strong into a special or just wait a split second then do a move just to screw with your parry timing. he can also just wait for you to land and then throw you. or wait for you to land and then do c. short x2 -> super. or c. foward -> whatever combo. he’s got a ton of options while you’re pretty much relegated to

  1. hitting (from the air before he tries to anti air you)

  2. parrying (which, depending on what move he uses, will give him another set of things to think about while all you’re gonna be doing is guessing how many times you’re gonna parry before you get to hit him back or land)

  3. you’ll just get hit yourself.

so yeah, practice getting in on the ground. be selective with your jumping in. being patient doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a turtle.