Running it back - Come get some avatars!

Well I do this every so often, and it’s been a while since I did the last one so I thought I’d do it again since I have a bit more free time (hooray for being unemployed).

Thing is I spent the past week trying to top the last design I had and I freaking couldn’t, so I decided to streamline it and added a change here or there. I mean there are people still wearing the ones I made last time, haha.

Anyways, there are few a rules to take note of and a notice at the end, please read them before requesting:

  1. These are not animated and they never will be, so please don’t ask. Sorry.

  2. I PREFER the images you give me are actually workable with the design I’ve got. If I don’t think the image will work well I will let you know and ask you to find another.

  3. I prefer sprites, but anything is fine really.

  4. If you do not provide an image for me I will attempt to find one for you. If you do not like the image I chose to work with your ass will wait until the end of the request line and you will NEED to provide me an image for the next time, otherwise I’ll ignore the shit out of you.

  5. You can request as many avatars as you went, whenever you want. If the request line is full just wait until it’s open. I’ll make some sort of queue or what have you if it gets to crazy, or possibly cut the line shorter.

  6. If you want these for another forum let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Lastly (AND READ THIS PART CAREFULLY) I’m accepting donations of any kind if any of you feeling generous enough to do so. REQUESTING AN AVATAR IN NO WAY REQUIRES A DONATION OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. But hey, if you want to throw a dollar at me for good measure then I’d appreciate it beyond words (and no, throwing $$$ doesn’t change how much hard work I’ll put into these or your place in line, I put in 100% for every avatar). If anything it’ll go towards me getting to Evo~ is my paypal address.

An example of a premium and non premium avatars are below:


Non :

Pick Up:

Non Prem:


Agent 54c:




Dr. Wilhelm:

Eternal Blaze:

Eternal Enemy:



Good Fool:

Haitian Sensation:

Hero Ninja:



Jack Front:




Kyosuke Neo:






Rurouni Kenshin:

Samurai Lincoln:

Shadow VIII:

Shin Oni:

Sir Aruthur:






Torn Apart:


Waffle Ninja:



Amazing Funbags:


Booty Clapper:



The Epidemic:

The Judge:

J Nav:



Saikyo Joe:





Awfully nice thing you’re doing Chibi. Hopefully you get some reasonable requests Broman.

I don’t think DreamState wants to do my avatar, so~ hopefully it’ll be alright if I request an avatar here
Just use whichever image is easiest for you and hopefully, this is reasonable enough :T

Thanks for doing this Master Chibi :]

Avatar’s ready Okuma~

Hey MC, I was wondering if I could get a premium sized avatar using;


If you have time, could I get one of each?

If not, i’ll take an avatar with the first picture I posted.

Thank youuu, :smiley:

Hey Master Chibi~

Think you can make this work for me?

Top half/Quarter top of Ibuki should work I think. Or whatever you think works best.

I can look up other images too, but I just so happen to be really interested in Ibuki right now. Non-premium, please. =3

Lol, “stole” site source from Okuma.

Your avatars are up guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

I still really like the last one you made me, so I’m going to rotate between the two. I’m sure you remember the tig ol’ bitties. :lovin:

Thanks again!

I moved the image from the old one into the new, so it’s pretty much the same, but it’s up there with your current request if you want it.

And yes, I fondly remember tig ol bitties :lovin:~

Wow, I was not expecting that. Sure, why not? I’ll nab and sport 'em from time to time!

Thanks Master Chibi, you da best~!

Classic style that I cannot hope to imitate has returned! :pray:

Wow, turned out even more awesome than I could ever comprehend it’d turn out to be.
Thanks :'D

I’d like a premium sized avatar of Dudley

if that picture wont work, you can use whatever one of Dudley that would work. Thanks :cool:

I would like a reg. size avatar of Guy.

If you don’t mind or if you’re not busy at all, I would also like a reg. size avatar with Mizore.

Much apreciated. :tup:

hey chibi can u work with this pic thxs in advance

great to see you’re doing this again. Though i’m gonna wait until Kula appears before requesting anything…

Avatars are up guys.

Thanks Chibi! :tup:

My pleasure sir.

Sorry that the L looks like a J but that’s what’s going to happen when I turn everything backwards.