Runefaust's Art Thread

Hey guys! Putting up some of my recent works up here to share. You can find more at my DA page @

Here’s my FB too, if you like what you see. I also work on commission if you’re interested in a custom fightstick design.

Chun-Li looks amazing! :slight_smile:

I agree, Chun’s head look damn good.

Digging that Ryu as well, a pretty unique take on the character’s face.

nice work! the montage pic is very nicely done (although Chun promoting dubious-chinese-remedy-in-a-bottle is good too) :slight_smile:

I gotta admit, I kept coming back here every once in awhile to look at that BOF piece. Just the amount of detail you put in there with its blend of colors and clean linework really got to me. I really like the ryu one too for the same reasons, but in opposite effect of the wow factor I really like it more for its subtlety. Overall, a very strong gallery with a variety of pieces that show alot of range. Keep up the good work!

That Breath of Fire piece is professional-looking